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Theme HBC
TypePC utility

This is an app that is used simply to make themes for the homebrew channel. You can use your own files or simply use the built-in ones. The whole thing is pretty self explanitory so just give it a try and enjoy. If you have any questions please contact me at

Enjoy, and happy theme making.

Ok, anyone who has downloaded this app allready, there is an update, I totaly failed to include a dll I was using. The download link now has a zip file, to use ThemeHBC please unzip it and run the setup.exe to install.

However, if you would rather just get the dll for yourself here is a link for that [1]

Coming soon

I am currently working on a complete rewrite that will add tones and more functionality, including the ability for user-made plugins and extensions. I hope to have this new version ready for release within the next week. Again, happy theming.