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  • All parameters (excluding title) are optional and can either be left blank or omitted.
  • Any value can be entered to make a peripheral icon show, excluding the Wiimote parameter.
  • Wiimote must be filled in with a 1 2 3 or 4.
{{Peripheral table|

{{Peripheral row
|Title             = [[Title]]
|Wiimote           = 1/2/3/4
|Nunchuk           = 
|ClassicController = 
|LesPaul           = 
|GCNController     = 
|USBKeyboard       = 
|WiiBalanceBoard   = 
|WiiWheel          = 
|WiiZapper         = 
|WiiDisc           = 
|FrontSD           = 
|SDHC              = 
|SDGecko           = 
|USBGecko          = 
|USBMSD            = 
|GCNMemoryCard     = 
|WiFi              = 
|Internet          = 

Title Wiimotes Nunchuk Classic Controller Les Paul Controller GCN Controller USB Keyboard Balance Board Wii Wheel Wii Zapper DVD Drive Front SD SDHC SD Gecko USB Gecko USB Flash GCN Memory Card WiFi Internet
Foo Bar Wiimote3.svg Nunchuck alternative.svg ClassicController.svg Les Paul Controller GameCube Controller USB Keyboard WiiBalanceBoard.svg Wii Wheel Wii Zapper DVD Drive Loads files from the Front SD slot Loads files from SDHC cards in the Front SD slot SD Gecko USBGecko2.svg USB mass storage device GameCube Memory Card Local WiFi Internet

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