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Extended content
[edit] [purge] Template documentation

Used to create a collapsible box around some content.


The simplest usage is {{Collapse|text=Text to collapse|title=Header}}. This appears as:

Text to collapse

There are several optional parameters, and the listed parameters have several aliases:

  • 1 or text or content: The text to collapse.
  • 2 or title or reason or header or heading or result: The title to label the collapse box with; defaults to "Extended content".
  • expand: Set to one of "yes", "y", "uncollapse", "uncollapsed", "expand", or "expanded" to have the box expanded by default. If not set or set to another value (e.g. "no"), the content will be collapsed by default.
  • class: Additional CSS class.
  • bg1: Main background color.
  • border: Main border thickness.
  • b-color: Main border color.
  • float: CSS float, one of "left", "right", "center", or "none", or not set.
  • clear: Sides content should be cleared on. Default depends on the value of float.
  • width: Width of the box. Defaults to auto.
  • background or bg: Header background color.
  • left: Left-align header.
  • center: Center header.
  • fc: Header foreground color.
  • border2: Content border style.
  • padding: Content padding.
  • bg2: Content background color.