Super Mario War Wii (Unoffical Wiigii Version)

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Super Mario War Wii (Unoffical Wiigii Version)
Ported byTantric
TypePlatform game
Wiimote4.svg ClassicController.svg Loads files from SDHC cards in the Front SD slot Loads files from the Front SD slot

Super Mario War Wii (Unoffical Wiigii Version) is a modification to an already existing homebrew application, Super Mario War Wii in which I have modified the files to add extra things, such as missing parts from the PC version to the Wii (such as the 0smw map and skin).


If you are using the self-extracting archive version, then set the directory to the root/front of your SD card (example: G:/, F:/, D:/, etc.).

If you are using the archive version, just drag and drop the files to the root/front of your SD card (example: G:/, F:/, D:/, etc.)

If either method asks you to overwrite the files (if you already have SMW Wii installed), then say yes. If you want the best speed in-game however, it is recommended you remove the smw folder from the SD card first before installing it.

COMPLETE Changelog

This is a changelog including Tantric's Changelog, any changes made by me will have (UWV) marked next to it. UWV = Unoffical Wiigii Version

1.5.3 (UWV) - Febuary 17, 2013

  • Done some spelling corrections in the readme file
  • Also added in the new google code page link in the readme
  • Improved the icon.png file
  • Put back in the 0smw tour (renamed 0smw.txt to 0smw .txt)
  • Fixed more death outline bugs in the skins
  • Again, fixed the exact opposite bugs
  • Removed extra stuff left over from PC version (e.g. Copy of rotodisc_thumbnail)

1.5.2 (UWV) - January 30, 2013

Boy it's been a long time, but here it is!

  • Another archive format swapping time! To .7z this time. Also available in a self-extracting archive format.
  • Fixed the majority of certain characters having gray outline in their death animations
  • Fixed it being mistakenly called "1.5" in the meta.xml file
  • Changed release date in the meta.xml file to 20130130
  • Added another alt icon
  • Blocky Desert added as a bonus map!

1.5.1 (UWV) - July 13, 2012

  • Fixed problem where the and 0smw skin didn't show up. It was renamed to "0smw .map" and "0smw .bmp"
  • Changed ZIP format to RAR format for this pack.
  • Changed "readme.txt" to "readme-smw.txt"
  • Changed the menu version icon to "v1.8 Wii". Only appears on the loading screen and the classic GFX pack.
  • Added 1 more alternate logo.
  • Remember when I said the extra map was called ""? Yeah, it was "". Sorry. Please forgive me 3:
  • The only thing missing is the controller config. If I only knew how to code homebrew apps, I (OMGWEEGEE2), would do that.

1.5 (UWV) - July 11, 2012

  • Added stuff that was missing from the PC version to here. Like the 0SMW Skin.
  • Added a bonus level to the game,
  • Added a folder for optional logo replacements, don't copy it along with the other two folders.

1.4 - August 11, 2010

  • Fresh compile with latest libogc improvements
  • USB 2.0 via IOS58 support. Requires that IOS58 be pre-installed.

1.3 - January 7, 2010

  • Fresh port of Super Mario War 1.8 beta 2. This requires you to replace ALL old files. Enjoy!

1.2 - June 4, 2009

  • Recompiled with latest libogc / libfat / SDL

1.1 - May 1, 2009

  • Fix crashing issue (caused by music)
  • Hide controller configuration (not implemented)

1.0 - April 30, 2009

  • Initial release