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StillAliveWii is a port of the game StillAliveDS for the Nintendo DS created by t4ils for the NintendoMax Wii Coding Competition.


This is a one or two player game where the goal of the game is to collect all of the cakes in a level and then escape the level. It features six modes: "1 Player", "2 Player", "Replay Viewer", "Level Editor", "Play Custom Maps" and "Download Custom Maps".

1 Player

This mode allows you to play the story mode. When you beat a level you have the option to save your replay, and then you proceed to the next level. As you beat the levels they get added to a list where you can pick what level you want to play.

2 Player

This mode allows you to play the story mode with a second player in cooperation. Each one of you can shoot one portal (each player has one color) and you both have to reach the finish line to go to the next level. You can grab your teammate and throw it through the level as you can do with crates or turrets. The 2 player mode isn't only limited to this specific mode : you can press the Home button on the second wiimote at anytime to join the game.

Replay Viewer

This mode allows you to view the replays that you have recorded during the game. You can also take control of them by simply pressing the (1) button on the Wiimote.

Level Editor

This mode allows you to create your own levels using a drag and drop interface. It allows you to save them on your SD Card and upload them to the server for everyone to see.

Play Custom Maps

This mode allows you to play custom levels created in the level editor mode. Also, it's where the downloaded maps will go when getting maps from the server.

Download Custom Maps

This mode allows you to download new maps from the map server. You can browse the list and choose to download or play a map. Maps are taken from both NDS and Wii version of the game.


version 1.0 - 2009/05/31

  • Initial release

version 1.1 - 2009/08/29


  • Added :
    • 2 player coop mode. Each player can shoot one portal and the 2nd player can join the game at any moment by pressing the home button
    • You can download new maps directly onto the Wii (Thx Morukutsu)
    • You can upload your created maps so that other people can play them
    • When watching a replay, pressing the (1) button allows you to take control of it
    • Particles effect when exiting a portal
  • Corrected :
    • Smoother infra red cursor. No more problems in the top left corner of the screen
    • 60Hz users : The screen is no longer cut, you can see all of the game (Thx Morukutsu)
    • Turrets : they stop aiming at you when they're dead (red line)


WiimoteHorizontal.svg+Nunchuck alternative.svg Action
Wii Remote Aim Crosshair
Nunchuck Control Stick left and right Move
Nunchuck Z Button Jump
Nunchuck C Button Clear portals
Wiimote A Button Blue portal
Wiimote B Button Orange portal
Wiimote D-Pad down Grab Crate / Turrets / Player
Wiimote + Button Pause menu (reset or exit mode)
Wiimote HOME Button Return to loader (need confirmation)

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