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Author(s)Toad King
TypeArcade emulator
Downloadable via the Homebrew Browser
Wiimote.svg ClassicController.svg GameCube Controller Loads files from SDHC cards in the Front SD slot USB mass storage device

MAME Wii is an Arcade Emulator based on SDLMAME. Many games for early arcade boards can be played with varying amounts of success.

How to use

Unzip onto your SD card/USB drive.


The controls are configurable in the emulator itself or by changing the settings in /mame/cfg/default.cfg file. Below are the default control settings:

GameCube Controller WiimoteHorizontal.svg ClassicController.svg Action
GameCube L Trigger Wiimote HOME Button Classic HOME Button Emulator Menu
GameCube Z Button Wiimote - Button Classic - Button Insert Coin
GameCube START Button Wiimote + Button Classic + Button Start (not all games use this)
GameCube D-Pad or GameCube Control Stick Wiimote D-Pad Classic D-Pad or Classic Left Control Stick Up/Down/Left/Right
Gamecube A Button Wiimote 1 Button Classic a Button Button 1
Gamecube B Button Wiimote 2 Button Classic b Button Button 2
Gamecube X Button Wiimote B Button Classic x Button Button 3
Gamecube Y Button Wiimote A Button Classic y Button Button 4
GameCube Z Button + GameCube START Button Wiimote + Button + Wiimote - Button Classic + Button + Classic - Button Back (Exits current game)


  • Lots of ROMs are supported, but not all of them. If you don't see the ROM in the list in the emulator, then support for that ROM isn't included. This is to keep the size of the emulator low enough to run effectively on the Wii. A list of all the ones that are can be found here:
  • Just because a ROM is supported does not mean it will run. Even games for early boards like CPS-1 can fail to run due to RAM limitations. If the emulator suddenly kicks you out to the Homebrew Channel, look in the MAME folder (sd:/mame/) for a file called errors.txt. If it says something about failing to allocate space, then odds are the ROM can't run on the Wii. The emulator might also crash outright and leave you with a code dump if RAM runs out.
  • Because the Wii is not a strong console, some games will be slow. Frameskipping is enabled by default to make games playable.
  • On older TVs, the edges of the screen can be cut off. To fix this, in mame.ini, look for the option "safearea" and set the value to something around 0.8 and 0.95. It will vary depending on your TV.


1.0 - December 13, 2011

  • Rewritten frontend code entirely, no longer uses SDL.
  • Added better joystick support; Gamecube joystick works!

0.6 - January 12, 2011

  • Compiled with libogc 1.8.6, USB loading should be faster now if you have IOS58
  • Changed video code around. Most games get a speedup or remain the same from this, but at least one (frogger) is slower for some reason.
  • Widescreen support
  • Fixed some games giving duplication errors and causing the emulator to exit

0.5 - March 26, 2010

  • Downgraded to MAME 0.134u4 due to issues with some ROMs not working
  • SDL no longer used for video; FPS is increased
  • WiiMote Sensor support more stable
  • Fixed default font being too small; the custom font has been removed

0.4 - November 24, 2009

  • Upgraded MAME to 0.135
  • Added WiiMote Sensor support
  • Stereo support fixed
  • Game list now shows up to 150 ROMs instead of just 15
  • Changed USB/SD detection (Tries USB first, then falls back to SD)

0.3.1 - November 3, 2009

  • Upgraded libfat to 1.0.6, hopefully this fixes the SD card corruption bug
  • Added USB support (Start SDL MAME Wii from a USB drive to enable it)
  • Fixed "Unexpected option gl_lib queried" error log
  • Fixed Nunchuck control mapping
  • Switched Buttons 1 and 2 around (by public demand)
  • Fixed support for some games (including Donkey Kong and Frogger)
  • Moved errors.txt and ui.bdf files into /mame/

0.3 - October 29, 2009

  • Added support for many more ROMs
  • Fatal errors are now logged in errors.txt
  • More default control changes

0.2 - October 27, 2009

  • Fixed rom selection bug
  • Changes to the layout of the configuration files to make it more like other Wii homebrew