Powder Toy Wii

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Powder Toy Wii
Ported byArikado
TypeOther game
LicenceGNU v2
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Powder Toy Wii is a port of Powder Toy using SDL Wii.


Extract the .zip into your apps folder.


Point the Wiimote at the screen and press A to select different particle types. Then press A on the screen to use them. Press HOME to exit the application.

Difference between Powder Toy Wii and The Powder Toy Wii

Skylark ended development of Powder Toy in mid-2009. FacialTurd made an unofficial branch of the project called The Powder Toy which is still being actively developed. The Powder Toy has many more objects, powders, tools and other features. It also has significant changes to the user interface and engine. It is debatable whether whether Powder Toy or The Powder Toy is a superior program; though most prefer The Powder Toy.

Epic Story of Porting Powder Toy to Wii

Sina3 came into #wiihelp on EFNET and asked if anyone could port Powder Toy to the Wii. Arikado asked him if he could see the source. Less than five minutes after the source code was posted, live in #wiihelp, Arikado created the initial 0.1 release of Powder Toy.


  • Skylark for writing Powder Toy
  • Arikado for porting it to Wii

You can donate to Arikado using the ChipIn widget on his blog.