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Mii Channel
Version0.6 (6)
Title IDHACA, HACK (Korean Wiis)
TypeGeneral channel
Installed fromSystem Update
PeripheralsWiimote1.svg USB Keyboard Internet

The Mii Channel is a proprietary avatar creator created by Nintendo. It is designed to "put yourself into the game" by allowing Miis to play in certain titles. For those titles that support Miis, each Mii can be used in that title (e.g.: Wii Sports, pick a Mii and play as it).

This application was officially unveiled by Nintendo in September 2006. Users can select from pre-made caricatures or create their own by choosing custom facial shapes, colors, and positioning. Miis can interact with other Wii users by showing up on their Wii consoles through the WiiConnect24 feature or by talking with other Miis created by Wii owners all over the world. This feature is called the Mii Parade. Early-created Miis as well as those encountered in Mii Parades may show up as spectators in some games.

Miis can be stored on Wiimotes and taken to other Wii consoles. The Wiimote can hold up to a maximum amount of 10 Miis. The Wii itself can hold 100 Miis. There is also a way to send your Mii to a Nintendo 3DS, by having both systems connected to the same network and in the channel, holding the buttons A, B, and 1 in that order, then pressing and holding the 2 button, and clicking the DS icon on the right.

r13 globals

These globals came from v6 of the non-Korean Mii Channel. glob_XXXX refers to -XXXX(r13), where r13 is initialized as 0x803c4520.

  • glob_6a10 is the OSInterrupt table.
  • glob_6ab0 holds whether the apploader/NAND Boot Program is for RVL or not. It does not seem to be set anywhere, and does not line up with the equivalent global in the NAND Boot Program (glob_7ce8), however, setting it to 0 results in a crash, so it is probably being set to 1 in an unknown location.
  • glob_759c is the IPC heap ID.

SDK libraries

These libraries were taken from v6.

Name Build timestamp
RFL Oct 6 2008 16:02:05 (0x4199_60831)
MP Dec 10 2007 10:02:08 (0x4199_60831)
NCD Dec 10 2007 10:02:22 (0x4199_60831)
NWC24 Dec 10 2007 10:02:25 (0x4199_60831)
WPAD Dec 11 2007 01:35:07 (0x4199_60831)
EXI Aug 8 2007 01:59:22 (0x4199_60831)
GX Dec 11 2007 01:34:15 (0x4199_60831)
NAND Dec 11 2007 01:35:48 (0x4199_60831)
OS Dec 11 2007 01:34:43 (0x4199_60831)
SC Feb 22 2008 06:21:38 (0x4199_60831)
VI Aug 8 2007 02:07:17 (0x4199_60831)
AI Aug 8 2007 01:58:12 (0x4199_60831)
AX Aug 8 2007 01:58:18 (0x4199_60831)
DSP Aug 8 2007 01:59:06 (0x4199_60831)
DVD Feb 22 2008 06:17:35 (0x4199_60831)
SI Aug 8 2007 02:07:10 (0x4199_60831)
CNT Aug 8 2007 02:10:20 (0x4199_60831)
KPAD Aug 8 2007 02:05:53 (0x4199_60831)
KBD Aug 8 2007 02:10:45 (0x4199_60831)
KPR Aug 8 2007 02:10:51 (0x4199_60831)
HBM Feb 7 2008 15:55:00 (0x4199_60726)



  • Added USB keyboard support


  • Added the ability to move a Mii to the Mii Parade
  • Used as a decoy for the 3.3 update


  • Switched to IOS31 to make the disc slot LED blink when ejecting


  • Nor RiiConnect24 and WiiLink24 revived the Mii Parade