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System Update3.2rev03
Technical info
TypeCommon IOS

IOS37 fixed the signing bug, and this fix has been added to all other IOSes. This IOS is used by several WiiWare games, and older Guitar Hero/Rock Band games.

IOS37 was most likely forked from IOS35v1040, since many of IOS36's modules are on the Release/apricot-win/SDK_FW_36_4_18_branch branch, while the corresponding IOS37 modules are on the Release/apricot-win/SDK_FW_30_4_13_branch branch, similar to IOS35.

IOS37 replaced the FFS module with an FFSP module and the KBD module with a USB_HID module.

It is also one of four IOSes not fixed in 3.3rev03, and instead had its ES_Identify and /dev/flash fixed in 3.4. The other IOSes not fixed at this time were IOS30, IOS31, and IOS16 (not fixed until 4.0)

Notable titles using this IOS

Version history

Version Signing bug? /dev/flash access? ES_Identify? STM Release Exploit? STM IOCTL overflow? SDI register index bug? Notes
v2070 No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes First release, 3.2rev03 update
v3609 No No No Yes Yes Yes Added some new functions to the ES module (3.4)
v3612 No No No No Yes Yes
v3869 No No No No No Yes
v5662 No No No No No No Copy of IOS55v5662
v5663 No No No No No No Identical to IOS55v5663
v5919 No No No No No No Only found on vWii and newer RVL-101 units.
v31519 No No No No No No Only found on Wii mini