Homebrew Card Manager

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Homebrew Card Manager
TypePC utility

Homebrew Card Manager is a easy to use, n00b-friendly launcher for use with Homebrew-focused SD cards.

Notice: The .NET Framework 4.0 beta (the one that came Win7) is required to run this application!


How to install on to SD card:
1. Download latest archive

2. Extract archive to root of sd card

3. Next time you put the sd card in Windows should automaticly run the app (if you have AutoRun/AutoPlay on) TADA!


Do you notice that there are only 4 buttons on the launcher yet? Thats because I need your help to make more apps to add in, just make a noob-friendly pc utility and post it in the talk page! PLEASE MAKE APPS!

You can also suggest features in the discussion page.



Bugs & Suggestions

Please report any bugs and suggestions at http://code.google.com/p/hcmgr-wii/issues/list


  • Main Developer - Hunterm
  • Graphics - Various Websites

Application Developers

  • Application Manager - pbsds
  • 7-Zip Archiver - Igor Pavlov
  • Original Notepad2 - Florian Balmer
  • Notepad2 Extended - Kai Liu

Special Thanks

  • All the people who suggested and submitted feedback on the talk page
  • All the testers
  • Team Twiizers - amazing HAXX
  • SifJar and bg4545 - made me think (too many questions)
  • Microsoft - tools used to develop this
  • My Family - Support during development


Version 2.2

  • replaced notepad++ with notepad2, it is more n00b friendly
  • added application manager cred to pbsds
  • updated credits

Version 2.1

  • fixed launching notepad++
  • fixed creating apps folder
  • download in exe self-extracter or in zip format

Version 2.0

  • Added 7-Zip portable
  • Added Notepad++ Portable
  • Added Homebrew Browser Downloader/Installer
  • Added Checking for updates
  • Download in 7-zip format
  • Download from MediaFire, my computer is SOOOOO SLOW

Version 1.0

  • Initial Release