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Much as with the GameCube, the MX "RTC-SRAM-ROM" chip sits on the EXI bus at address 0-1. http://hitmen.c02.at/files/yagcd/yagcd/chap10.html#sec10.3

Dieshot courtesy of Flylogic

GameCube boot ROM

The only data contained in the GameCube boot ROM on the Wii is two fontsets (one Latin, one Japanese). They are compressed using a proprietary format (Yay0), and generally only used in GameCube mode.


Real-Time Clock (RTC) is 32-bit value, counting time intervals in seconds. To get the real time (seconds since January 1st, 2000 12am) add the counter bias saved in SRAM. Setting the time via the System Menu affects only this bias; while it is possible to change the time counted by the RTC, the System Menu does not do this.


The SRAM stores some miscellaneous settings that are only used in GameCube compatibility mode.

The custom MX23L4005 chip used on the Nintendo Wii contains the GameCube font set, RTC, and power management functions. It is listed on WiiRe as "U8: MX "E062674-MG" "MX23L4005-24C1" "RTC-RVL A" "2S08802" (RTC, TSOP28 18x8mm)".

Die shot: http://www.bunniestudios.com/blog/?p=227

Observed pin behavior:

1 connected to power button - active high (measures +3.3v while power button is pressed)
2 wii power state (+3.3v when power is on or in standby, 0v otherwise) TP113 comes on slightly after pin 3 --power on?
3 wii power state (+3.3v when power is on or in standby, 0v otherwise) (nc on PCB!)
4 Gnd
5 0? TP46 pulses occasionally to 1
6 1? TP106 green LED?
7 0? TP45

8 0?  measuring this pin prevents the wii from shutting off when you hold the power button down ?!!?
9 nc on PCB
10 TP109 0?
11 TP43 0?
12 TP44 exi?
13 TP41 exi?
14 TP42 exi?

15 exi?
16 Gnd
17 3.3v when wii has power applied
18 3.3v when wii has power applied
19 TP108 measuring this causes wii to power on immediately
20 TP231 0? 
21 TP110 3.3v when wii has power applied, goes low briefly when powering off

22 xtal
23 xtal
24 TP119 turns on shortly after poweron (connects to U10) -- reset?
25 TP117 +3.3v when wii has power (connects to U9)
26 TP116 0?
27 +3.3v when wii has power
28 NC on PCB


This chip appears to also have some connection with the disc drive, as it stores flags for when the eject button is pressed (0x01010101) and when a disc has been changed (0x02020202), which the System Menu depends upon for the disc channel to actually detect changed discs. These flags are accessed over EXI, with reads using 0x21000800 and writes using 0xa1000800. Implemented in Dolphin by this commit.