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Dungeons Wii
Author(s)Iron Hand
TypeRole playing game
Downloadable via the Homebrew Browser


Dungeons is an mini RPG for the Wii with some WiiMote supports. The aim is to find all red orbs and fight the last Boss. Fight monsters and power up your skills. The most important thing is to find out which attributes are your best chance for survival. Find keys and open doors in this labyrinths of chaos, and become the hero.


Hint: You can hold the Wiimote horizontal or vertical. But only while you move through the dungeons. For all other actions, hold the remote in the standard position.

Wiimote.svg Action
Wiimote D-Pad move around
Wiimote A Button confirm somting
Wiimote B Button open the option menu
Wiimote 2 Button Run away from battles
Wiimote HOME Button Quit Game

Swing Wiimote like a sword to make an attack.

Follow the advice on the screen if there is an other situation than moving or fighting.

Knowing Bugs

  • some graphical glitches
  • the game is not well balanced (but better in v0.85)

NO Bugs but features

  • the game is hard
  • the game is short
  • hands hurts after a few time
  • no equipment



  • fixed some graphic bugs
  • fixed a bug in the main random function
  • game is more balanced
  • add new maps
  • there are 18 orbs


  • first release (first game for wii and first game in pure C by iron hand ;) )
  • main engine completed (I hope)
  • you can reach level 10 (you can play along but no new monster or maps appear)
  • there are 15 orbs

future features

  • a trainer/shop where you can spend your gold
  • treasure chests
  • a realy big end boss monster

in game shoots

http://www.iron-hand.de/games/dungeons/dss.jpg (and yea this is an flashlight no in game graphic)

http://www.iron-hand.de/games/dungeons/dss_2.jpg (i try to upgrading my pics)


the game is allready online. sorry for the wrong link

after a heavy crash of my system i lost my source, the only without a backup. so im really sad and sorry. remember the game.

at any time i write an complete new game. rest in peace "dungeons". so long Iron.


It's sad that Iron Hand couldn't continue development on this game. It was really cool and had potential. But even in its current form, it deserves to be played! It's just really hard to figure out how to play, since it has a steep learning curve. But with this image you should have everything you need to beat the game... if you are worthy! --Mr. Reaper (talk) 04:16, 27 September 2013 (CEST)

WARNING: These maps are definitely SPOILERS, so if you want to explore for yourself and find the locations of the 18 Orbs on your own, well, go for it! ;)

Dungeon Maps & Information