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DragonMedia Player
TypeMedia player
Version0.25 Alpha
Downloadable via the Homebrew Browser
Wiimote1.svg Loads files from the Front SD slot USB mass storage device Internet

Music player for the Wii. It has a nice interface and is skinnable. It plays mp3, ogg, flac and other formats but does not work with wma. As of 0.25, it now supports m4a and mp4! It is a native Wii application (no Wii Linux) with the intent of being a multi-source media player on the Wii. As of 0.2, DMP now supports Samba sources as well as USB and SD already available. Please visit the website listed on the right for more information!


Wiimote.svg Action
Wiimote A Button Select
Wiimote B Button Drag-scroll
Wiimote - Button Up one directory on file browser
Wiimote D-Pad Left Previous song
Wiimote D-Pad Right Next song
Wiimote D-Pad Up Toggle random play
Wiimote 1 Button Play/Pause
Wiimote 2 Button Stop
Wiimote HOME Button Quit


DragonMedia Player will pick up files anywhere on your SD or USB stick, and plays sequentially once a file has started. If you set up a samba share on your computer and configure it through the /shares/ folder, DMP will play music back wirelessly from your share. Install DMP into the HBC by copying the dmp folder in the zip file to /apps/ and run the program. Do not rename the folder as DragonMedia Player expects things to be in the correct place in order to function.

Supported Formats

Currently, this list is limited, as I have tried to set up the application framework before porting codecs. I am working on getting more formats integrated, and I am interested in supporting as many strange formats as possible even beyond what is already implemented.

  • aac
  • ay
  • flac
  • gbs
  • gym
  • hes
  • it
  • kss
  • mod
  • mp1
  • mp2/mpa
  • mp3
  • mp4/m4a
  • nsf
  • ogg
  • s3m
  • sap
  • sc68
  • sid
  • snd
  • sndh
  • spc
  • vgm
  • wav
  • xm
  • ym

DMP also supports a few playlist types.

  • m3u
  • pls

Supported File Sources

Again, this list is very limited, nothing from DVD or Internet Radio supported yet.

  • Front SD
  • USB
  • Samba

Future Plans

Things I would like to add when I get the time:

  • Meta tag support (embedded images, id3, etc)
  • File source from Internet (and DVD if documentation comes out)
  • More interactive theme support
  • Video (?)

Known Bugs

Tracker formats (mod, s3m, etc.) always playing in "loop" mode.

Bug Reports/Suggestions

At this point, I'm not open to suggestions as it is too early. However, if you find a bug, please feel free to edit in the discussion of this page to let me know. Please don't take this as a suggestion to fork. I will start taking suggestions as the project stabilizes. Be patient!

DMP Themes

To install these themes, unzip them into the themes directory. Then, in the home menu, select the theme on the list. If you are interested in creating a sharp looking default theme, let me know and I'll consider including it as the official default. The one thing is, it has to be entirely created by you; no outside images.

Name Custom Icon Author Description Screen shot Download
Dark-Ice Dark-Ice icon.png DasBaUm A very dark theme with bright-shining ice-blue buttons and font Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2 Download DMP_Dark-Ice
Fire and Ice v2 Fire and ice Icon.png Wolfmanz51 A Radical and awesome Fire and ice theme by me and DasBaUm(updated now the icons work) Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2 Download Fire_and_Ice_for_DMP_0.14b.zip
R.Betis Icon R.Betis.png serneo A theme dedicated to the supporters of Real Betis Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2 Download R.Betis_for_DMP_0.14b.rar
Xbmc Xmbc icon.png J-roen A theme based on the X-Box Media Center Screenshot 1 Download Xbmc_for_DMP_0.14b.zip
Windows Media Xmbc icon.png twofive Windows Media Center Theme based off Dark-Ice theme Screenshot1 Screenshot2 Download
neOn's PBall PE & neOn's PBall WME PBall icon.png NeOn A pack of two skins : neOn's PBall Purple Edition & neOn's PBall Wii Mood Edition Double Screenshot Download NeOn's PBall PE & WME
rugby471 A theme that captures the Wii's unique style (with large controls for easier of use). Double Screenshot Download WiiNative
Condorstrike Condorstrike icon.jpg Condorstrike Condorstrike is a beautiful Dmp skin-theme with intricate details Screenshot1 Screenshot2 Download Condorstrike.zip
Regal Orange Regal.png Durda dan A nice orange skin with a classy font. This is an Update of the old one, Now with Cursor! Screenshot Download Regal Orange.Rar
mh_mini's Green Mh minigreenicon.png mh_mini Based slightly off Windows Media Player. Easy to look at, effective and green design. Screenshot Download mh_mini's Green.rar
Dark Ice Mod Dark-Ice icon.png aidanharris Based on Dark Ice But in my opinion with a new colour scheme looks a lot better Screenshot Download Dark Ice Mod.zip.zip
HBC No image.PNG aidanharris A Home Brew Channel Design For Dragon Media Player Screenshot Download HBC.zip

DMP Languages

Please submit any translated language files for DMP in a similar format to the skins table above. Keep in mind anything that isn't a filename in DMP can be translated, and the translations will accept any utf-8 string.

Language (Language in english) Author Description Download
Dansk (Danish) razor101 Dansk oversættelse til DMP Hent her
Deutsch (German) jpmey Deutsche Übersetzung des DMP Herunterladen
Nederlands (Dutch) Sanderevers DMP Nederlandstalig Download Dmp_nl.zip
Español (Spanish) TyRaNtM Idioma Español para DMP Bajar dmp_espanol.rar (0.16a)
Suomi (Finnish) Quu Finnish Language for DMP / Suomenkielinen käännös DMP:lle Download here
Français (French) Whibo Langue Française pour DMP Télécharger dmp_french.zip (0.16a)
Italiana (Italian) Pokescout Lingua Italiana per DMP Download dmp_italian.zip
日本語 (Japanese) K-M Japanese lang for DMP Download
Polski (Polish) Groovy Polskie tlumaczenie DMP Pobierz/download
Português brasileiro (Brazillian Portugese) Juliamoron Idioma português brasileiro para o DMP Baixar Dmp_portugues-br_1.6A.zip
Svenska (Swedish) MorpheuZ Swedish translation of DMP/Svensk översättning av DMP Ladda ner
Türkçe (Turkish) I R on DMP için türkçe dil dosyasi Indir
简体中文(Simplified Chinese) kavid Simplified Chinese lang pack for DMP dmp_lan_zh_CN.rar(0.2.0)
Magyar (Hungarian) ginfoka DMP magyarítás / Hungarian translation for DMP közvetett nyilvános letöltés
???????? (Greek) PH0eN1x ???????? ??a DMP / Greek translation for DMP v0.16alpha Download
Català (Catalan) Antitot Idioma Català per al DMP Català


0.25 Alpha

  • Added support for AAC, M4A and MP4 file format
  • Songs now continue to play from old directory when browsing through directories
  • Fixed a crash bug with modules that don't load properly
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes it would take several seconds to play the next song

0.21 Alpha

  • Added checking for share names and name correction on invalid share names
  • Fixed issue with inability to load custom cursors
  • Fixed memory leak with ym file source
  • Fixed crash bug on ejecting certain media types and playing a song near a tracked module
  • Fixed media seek location flying out of whack when abnormal conditions occur
  • Shares no longer disappear and reappear if they can't be found

0.2 Alpha

  • Added ability for wav files to read ahead
  • Added configurable samba shares
  • Added ability to hot-plug USB and SD
  • Updated render loops to be multithreaded
  • Updated resampling code for better quality audio
  • Updated audio out code for better handling when network hiccups occur
  • Updated readahead code to work better
  • Fixed themes/langauges to display in alphabetical order
  • Fixed FFT display to have less noise and no frequency offset
  • Fixed theming engine not retaining default text if language string doesn't have a custom string
  • Fixed possibility of crashing on filenames with long/no extension
  • Fixed a few memory leaks in skinning engine

0.16 Alpha

  • Added support for ym emulated files.
  • Added in support for changing menu text font.
  • Added repeat mode (sequential with loop around).
  • Changed ogg read size to support some files.
  • Fixed freeze with a few mp3s.
  • Fixed freeze with some sid files.

0.15 Alpha

  • Added sid playback support.
  • Added snd/sndh/sc68 playback support.
  • Added language file support.
  • Tweaked a few things to refine more.
  • Fixed memory leak in emulated support.
  • Location in filebrowser is preserved when browsing to subfolders.

0.14 Beta

  • Added ay/gbs/gym/hes/kss/nsf/sap/spc/vgm emulated support.
  • Sequential/random setting is preserved across skin changes.
  • Song highlight preserved across skin changes.
  • Fixed crash with usb keyboards and lan adapters.

0.13 Alpha 2

  • Fixed core dump on loading pls files.

0.13 Alpha

  • Added m3u/pls playlist support.
  • Fixed a few memory leaks (switching themes and playing songs should be more stable).
  • Fixed a few misc stability issues.

0.12 Alpha

  • Implemented read-ahead buffer to help with some choppy files on usb.
  • Fixed settings not getting saved if you don't change the theme name sometimes.

0.11 Alpha

  • Added load screen for impatient noobs.
  • Added ability to change themes from menu.
  • Added more options to home menu.
  • Integrated USB patches (no guarantee that it works).
  • Fixed 24bit flac support (note that SD card is the limit for playing back).
  • Settings now get saved from home menu.

0.1 Beta

  • Home menu is now functional.
  • Added random playback mode.
  • Added support for wav encapsulated mp3 files.
  • Added support for ogg flac files.

0.07 Alpha

  • Added flac support!
  • Fixed the reported crash with mp3's and weird xing headers.
  • Should no longer crash if you eject the SD while playing music.
  • Should not crash (now just exits to loader) if no menu background is present.

0.06 Alpha

  • Added ogg vorbis support!
  • Added utf-8 support (including japanese/chinese if you select a proper font).
  • Changed default font to Deja Vu (no licensing issues).
  • Fixed background image not moving with screen adjustment.
  • Fixed seek bar allowing seeking using (+) and (-) on unseekable file formats.

0.05 Alpha

  • Improved scrolling on file list and dragging of seek bar.
  • Added seeking via (+) and (-) while hovering over seek bar.
  • Added cursor hotspot adjustment.
  • Added optional flashing drive light to music.
  • Added optional icons to file browser.
  • Fixed FFT.

0.04 Alpha

  • Added in background image capability.
  • Added seek bar.
  • Added new hotkeys. Left/right to select different songs. (1) to play/pause, (2) to stop.
  • Changed directory enumeration method to speed up changing directories and fix large directory crash.
  • Fixed bug where scrolling would stop one file short of the bottom.
  • Fixed some text ignoring theme settings for color.
  • Fixed modules not starting from the beginning after hitting stop then play.

0.03 Alpha

  • Refactored some code for easier addition of new codecs.
  • Added mp3/mp2/mp1/mpa support (libmpg123 for better quality).

0.02 Alpha

  • Added mod/xm/it/s3m support (dumb + mikmod to combine best of both, more files supported).
  • File browser now scrolls with next/previous.
  • Sounds do not have first bit cut off anymore.

0.01 Alpha

  • Added scrolling support to the browser.
  • Added (-) support to go up a directory quickly.
  • Added sequential play ability.

Third Public Build

  • Vastly sped up text rendering.
  • Fixed more sound quirks.

Second Public Build

  • Added graphic eq meter.
  • Fixed some sound inconsistencies.

First Public Build

  • Lists directories and files on SD card.
  • Plays wav files.
  • Includes limited theme support.