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App Viewer
TypePC utility
[[.exe - App_Viewer.rar .swf - App_viewer.swf|Download]]

App Viewer is an application written in flash (used as an .exe) that displays the icon and .xml data from apps stored on an SD card.


Run the .exe (Even though it's in flash it can't be run in a browser so it's better to be a .exe). If you put the .exe on the root of the SD card click the button SD root, If you put it the apps folder click 'apps' folder and if it's somewhere else click Other and type the drive letter assigned to the SD card. In the textbox that by default says 'homebrew_browser' write the folder name that the application has given its self and click go. The information should be displayed or ERROR! will be displayed in the name field.


At this stage you need to input the folder name to get the information. If anyone is able to help me find a way to get flash to workout what applications are there it would be much appreciated.


App Viewer