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AnyTitle Deleter DB
AnyTitle Deleter DB.png
Version1.0 v4 / 1.0 v3

AnyTitle Deleter DB uses tona's AnyTitle Deleter and adds several features.

Its main purpose is to list all titles (such as channels, IOS, etc...) and allow the user to delete the ones he/she wants to get rid of.

Red Squirrel released AnyTitle Deleter MOD which used an external database to associate the cryptic title IDs (such as "HAXX") with a meaningful name (such as "Homebrew Channel"). AnyTitle Deleter DB uses his database format to achieve the same goal but adds support to read the title's name from the titles banner.bin or file which are stored internally in the Wii's NAND. Not all titles have a banner.bin or - actually only some channels and about half of all game saves have a banner.bin while files are found only in most channels, never in gamesaves - but combining the names on NAND with Red Squirrel's database allows the user to work with a broder scope of title names. This way cleaning up your Wii's internal storage is made easier and much faster than using Nintendo's gamesave and channel manager.


  • Everything in AnyTitle Deleter
  • Displaying title names by either consulting the external database.txt or the internal banner.bin or
  • Save title names from the internal banner.bin to the external database.txt to complete the list
  • Choose between using only the internal or external names or combine both for most comprehensive results
  • Choose from different displaying modes to see only the title's names or IDs

Up-to-date database

See Red Squirrel's AnyTitle Deleter MOD page for newer database.txt.

Future development

  • Find further ways to determine a title's name (still have to check into title.tmd)


  • tona for his original AnyTitle Deleter
  • Red Squirrel for his title database
  • SquidMan for WiiMU


1.0 v4

  • Checks the first .app file instead of just to allow more names to be found.
  • For 0x10000 type TID, it checks the data and content folders. if there is 0 items in the data and only a title.tmd in the content, it puts a TMD! by the name (if the IOS will let it).
  • There are 2 flavors, one that just uses the highest IOS counting down from 36 and one that uses 249.

* Updated code by giantpune, added here by Wilsoff, please remove if offended!

1.0 v3

  • Title names can now be read from files found in many (but not all) channels
  • Wii is brought into "super user" mode when reading files
  • "System Menu" mode is used to read banner.bin files
  • Updated the ES identification to the one from tona's AnyRegion Changer
  • Removed the "Directory" naming mode since it was buggy and quite useless
  • Minor fixes in menu code

1.0 v2

  • Adding title names from the banner.bin to the external database
  • Title names not taken from the database are marked now
  • Enhanced file info screen is displayed before deleting a title
  • More titles can be displayed on screen
  • Internal code cleanup
  • When compiling a constant in main.c can be set to hard reboot instead of return to loader
  • Another constant can disable brick protection on recompile
  • Warning messages

1.0 v1

  • Added displaying of title names from a provided database file (by Red Squirrel)
  • Added displaying of title names taken from the title's banner.bin
  • cleaned up the menu
  • added support for different levels of info being displayed in the title list
  • added some control tweaks
  • Based on the original AnyTitle Deleter code by tona (C) 2008