Amju Super Cool Pool

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Amju Super Cool Pool
Author(s)Jason Colman
TypeOther game
LicenceNot specified (open source)

Amju logo.png Supercoolpool.png

This is a game I wrote a few years ago. I ported it to Wii using "amjulib", which is a cross-platform game library I have been working on for a while.


Choose one-player game, two-player game, or practice game. Currently you can't enter your name (there's no keyboard!) so you have to go with "player 1" etc. Choose the game type: 6-ball, 9-ball, US 8-ball or UK pool, and the table type.

To take a shot, hold down the A button and move the wiimote to aim. To take the shot, hold the B button to adjust cue power, then release.

As you pot balls you score more hearts, which can be used to unlock more games.





Wiimote.svg Action
Wiimote D-Pad Moves the camera
Wiimote A Button Acts like the 'left mouse button' most of the time
Wiimote B Button Hold down to choose shot power, then release to take the shot


This port is still ongoing, and there are lots of bugs!

Source code

The googlecode page for amjulib is here: [1] The googlecode page for amju super cool pool (amju_scp) is here: [2]