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TypeFramework library

ZEngine is a game library which is designed for any platform that SDL and OpenGL are available on. ZEngine is a set of classes and a main ZEngine class which are designed to make game development easier and more organized. As of 0.7.7 ZEngine can use OpenGL to do the 2D display, so it is much faster and can take advantage of hardware accelerated features. This file provides a simple overview of using it, more on the subject can be found in the docs and at http://github.com/jamesturk/zengine/

Wii Port

The Wii port of this engine is based only on 'SDL' - all OpenGL parts had been removed.

Author's comment

Wii port is still in development...

Although version 0.1 has been released (25 October 2009)

Version is stable, several samples included...

All samples rely on keyboard, so you wiill need keyboard to control them. This wiill be fixed in next release.

Due removation of OpenGL part from engine, particle demo is not working correctly.

For building .a library I used latest SDL from svn, but I disabled some SDL_mixer features -> playing OGG and MP3 music files is imposible [I need to recompile it with these option on.]

Do not forget to add content of ZEngine\samples\_COPY_CONTENT_OF_THIS_DIRECTORY_INTO_DIRECTORY_WITH_DESIRED_APPLICATION directory
to your apps/sample folder because samples will not find reuired data!



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