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YouTube Channel
Version Unknown
Description The YouTube Channel lets you stream videos on your Wii.
Title ID HCXx
Type Downloaded channel
Peripherals Wiimote1.svg Internet
Blocks (channel/save) 109

The Youtube Channel lets users stream videos on their Wii; log in to view their playlists, favorites and uploaded videos; and set up a Safety Mode to avoid inappropriate content.

Version History

On November 15, 2012, Google released the YouTube "app" on the Wii Shop Channel. [1][2]


The Youtube Channel requires a internet connected device, such as a phone or computer to log in, after which it will only log in and out of that one account until the channel's save data is deleted. In addition, its simplistic interface does not allow rating of videos, posting or viewing comments, reading video descriptions or viewing video annotations, nor does it let users access individual user channels. In addition, videos will automatically play the next related video once finished.

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