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TypeBoard game
Language(s)Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish
Downloadable via the Homebrew Browser
Downloadable via the Open Shop Channel
Wiimote4.svg SensorBar.svg Loads files from SDHC cards in the Front SD slot

It's Yahtzee for the Wii.



Button Action
Wii Remote Aim Move pointer
Wiimote A Button Select menu item / Select dice to keep / Mark scoresheet
Wiimote B Button Pick up unselected dice and shake them
Flick Make a throwing gesture with Wiimote to throw dice
Wiimote + Button End your turn
Wiimote - Button Undo selection on scoresheet / Reselect dice once picked up
Wiimote D-Pad Left Select tab on scoresheet (Painted Yahtzee only)
Wiimote D-Pad Right Select tab on scoresheet (Painted Yahtzee only)
Wiimote HOME Button End game
Wiimote Power Button Turn off Wii


v3.11 28/07/2010

  • Fixed all the bugs with the Triple Yahtzee Bonus Yahtzees, hopefully properly this time. (thanks Olaf)
  • Corrected mistake with German Triple Yahtzee instructions. (thanks Olaf)

v3.1 14/07/2010

  • Added Spanish language support.
  • Fixed bug with undoing Bonus Yahtzees in Triple Yahtzee. (thanks Ricky de Jong)
  • Fixed error in displaying Triple Yahtzee highscores.

v3.0 10/06/2010

  • Awesome new graphics, courtesy of DayDreamOz.
  • Added Triple Yahtzee Rules.
  • Added Dutch language support.

v2.11 10/03/2010

  • Fixed issue where it was possible to get billions of points due to Bonus Yahtzee points in the upper section not being removed properly when move was undone. (thanks Ricky de Jong)
  • Removed occasional graphical glitch affecting Painted Yahtzee rules.

v2.1 06/01/2010

  • Added German Language support.
  • Fixed minor bug where undoing your move would not display the totals correctly in certain circumstances.
  • Minor cosmetic changes.

v2.01 22/10/2009

  • Corrected the dice in Painted Yahtzee to use the correct number/colour combinations instead of just using random colours (thanks Roberta Poor)
  • Auto-detects rumble settings.

v2.0 19/10/2009

  • Includes Painted Yahtzee game.
  • Added music.
  • More attractive background for Scandinavian rules.
  • Slightly enhanced intro and outro.

v1.12 24/02/2009

  • Fixed critical bug where if player selected all dice before marking score, the next player would not be able to throw (thanks, Mr. Reaper)

v1.11 20/02/2009

  • Now handles tied games correctly.
  • Scoring for the Two Pair category now works properly (thanks, Uffe).
  • Fixed issue where if you quit to the main menu whilst rolling the dice and then restarted the game, Player 1 would get four rolls on his first turn.

v1.1 28/01/2009

  • Added Scandinavian rules.
  • Added French language support.
  • If you accidentally pick up the dice before you are finished selecting the ones you want to keep, you can now press MINUS to go back and select again.
  • Highlighting a box on the scorecard will now show you the score you could get by selecting that box.
  • Game will now not let you roll again if all dice are selected.
  • Bug fix: using Bonus Yahtzees as jokers in the lower section will now work properly.
  • Bug fix: game will no longer crash on trying to save if someone has renamed game folder or no SD card is inserted.

v1.0 08/12/2008

  • Initial release


Graphics by DayDreamOz
French translation by Rambytes.
German translation by Otto.
Dutch translation by Rdejong3.
Spanish translation by Sebastián Barrera (TunaLover)

Uses GRRLIB, DevkitPro, sndlib, dolLz, and associated libraries.