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Note: These are different from Rock Band guitars, which are USB.

These Guitars are identified by the 6 bytes: 00 00 A4 20 01 03 at register address 0x(4)a400fa. The first 00 indicates that it is a guitar and not drums (which would be 01).

If you initialise the expansion the old way, by writing 0 to 0x(4)a40040, then on a Guitar Hero 3 Gibson Les Paul guitar those 6 bytes will be readable but encrypted, and on a Guitar Hero World Tour or 3rd party Guitar those bytes will be FF FF FF FF FF FF. To make a GHWT or 3rd Party guitar work, you need to write 0x55 to 0x(4)a400f0, then 0 to 0x(4)a400fb. That will allow the 6 bytes to be read, and has the side effect of making all the expansion data, including those 6 bytes, unencrypted. Testing with the old method first allows you to know whether it is a GH3 Guitar or a GHWT Guitar.

Third party

Nyko Frontman: requires the new kind of initialisation

MetopGame: once sold at Walmart

RAGE wireless guitar for Wii: Has another set of fret buttons lower down the neck, presumably these button trigger both the fret and one of the strum buttons at the same time.

CTA Digital Shred Axe:

Neutac NJoy:

Datel Vii:

TGC Wii Wireless Guitar: Has another set of fret buttons lower down, probably identical to upper buttons

Wii Dragon Wireless Guitar: Has another set of fret buttons lower down, probably identical to upper buttons


Smart Guitar III:

Data Format

The Guitar reports its information as 6 bytes of data, readable at 0xa40008 and streamable using Data Reporting Modes that include Extension bytes (unused bytes are filled with 0x00). The data is packed into the six bytes as follows (after decryption):

Byte 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0
0 GH3 GH3 SX
1 GH3 GH3 SY
2 0 0 0 TB
3 0 0 0 WB
4 1 BD 1 B- 1 B+ 1 1

SX,SY are the Analog Stick X and Y positions. BG,BR,BY,BB,BO are the fret buttons by color (Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange). B-,B+ are the + and - buttons at the base of the controller, on the GHWT Guitars the B- is the StarPower button. BU and BD are up and down on the strum bar, respectively. WB is the analog whammy bar. Bits marked GH3 seem to be 1 on GH3 Gibson Les Paul Guitars and 0 on GHWT Guitars.

TB is the analog touchbar found on the neck of the Guitar Hero World Tour Guitars, which does not exist on Guitar Hero 3 Guitars.

Not touching it  -  0F
1st (top) fret   -  04
1st AND 2nd      -  07
2nd              -  0A
2nd AND 3rd      -  0C/0D (keeps changing)
3rd              -  12/13
3rd AND 4th      -  14/15
4th              -  17/18
4th and 5th      -  1A
5th (bottom)     -  1F

You can hold two (touchbar) frets at once, as long as those two (touchbar) frets are adjacent, otherwise it will take the value of the lowest fret held (Eg, if you hold the highest and lowest fret, it reads 1F) Note that high/low means physically on the guitar neck (in musical terms I think it's the other way around, so I thought I'd better specify)