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Author(s) Jsmaster
LicenceGNU General Public License v3
Downloadable via the Homebrew Browser
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This article is about the homebrew app. For the official service, see WiiConnect24.

WiiConnect is a tool to connect Wii users to eachother, without the hassle of Nintendo's "safe" crap. It will eventually be able to do many things (hopefully) listed below.

Feature List

  • Homebrew Browser integration, or a homebrew downloader made by me if integration doesn't work out
  • Chat (Hopefully many protocols eventually)
  • E-mail (POP3, IMAP, SMTP)
  • Public Profiles
  • News Reader (RSS feed reader, with a Wii News RSS feed)
  • Ability to poke other users on WiiConnect, no matter what feature they are using
  • And More!

Features it won't Have

  • Parental Controls
  • Internet Safety Options
  • Friend Codes



By _Contra_


It's open-source, and the latest updates are always on SVN, so everyone's a tester! Please DO NOT ask to test it.



  • Read networking tutorials 2/28

  • Get files downloaded from websites 2/28

  • Allow Wii to net_connect() to an ip address 3/12

  • Get one Wii to net_connect() to another 3/12
  • Make the server side of the wii program
  • Start with a friend list of ip's
  • Make a master server to host all currently connected ip's


  • Make a concept 5/16

  • Gather artwork 5/19

  • Decide on library
  • LibWiiSprite looks good, or maybe GGRLIB 3/31 libwiigui it is

  • Set up libosk 5/16 (Keyboard included in libwiigui)

  • Set up the HOMEbrew menu 5/16 (easily add to libwiigui; no library for it needed)

  • Add images and options; create the UI 7/4

  • Throw everything together using classes and making it object oriented 5/16 (libwiigui is c++ and object oriented)


  • Decide on what type of chat protocol to use
  • Either IRC, MSN, Yahoo, AIM, Skype, Jabber, or a custom Wii only one (probably first)
  • Learn how to use the protocol
  • Create a custom protocol
  • Write the server for the custom protocol
  • Get a message sent from one Wii to a buddy
  • Listen for messages
  • Add it in the GUI
  • Allow users to be "interupted" by a chat message


  • Read up on the POP3 and SMTP protocols 6/2

  • Download messages from server 6/3

  • List messages from server 6/3

  • Find attributes of messages (Date, subject, sender, ect) 7/3

  • Read messages 7/7 (Woohoo!)

  • Send messages 6/26
  • Add saving messages from server

  • Delete messages from server 7/3

  • Options 7/4 (Not as many options as it will eventually have)

  • E-mail GUI


  • Start simple - One character to show
  • Add Different attributes to edit
  • Name
  • Birth Date
  • City
  • Personal Interests
  • Add images
  • Add Mii's as an option instead of images
  • Add status updates
  • Add it into the GUI
  • Add notifications into the GUI

Homebrew Downloader

  • Figure out whether a custom one is necessary


I want to thank: