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Downloadable via the Homebrew Browser
Downloadable via the Open Shop Channel
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WiiEarth allows you to use your Wiimote to navigate (and zoom-in on) the Earth, using Google Maps and similar services. You can switch between viewing with OpenStreetMap, Live (Maps, Satellite) and Google (Maps, Satellite, Terrain).


Wiimote.svg Action
Wiimote - Button / Wiimote + Button Zoom
Wiimote A Button Zoom into world (as of v2.1)
Wiimote B Button Grab world (as of v2.1)
Wiimote D-Pad Move map
Wiimote 2 Button Change image source (Live Maps -> Live Satellite -> Google Maps -> Google Satellite -> Google Terrain)
Wiimote 1 Button Change image source (reverse of above)
Wiimote HOME Button Return

Version 2.3

  • New logo
  • Removed non-working OpenStreetMap
  • Added '1' button functionality which switches the image source back
  • Compiled with latest libogc

Version 2.2

  • Added widescreen support
  • Added always visible background tiles
  • Fixed graphical glitches in overlay text
  • Fixed tile downloading issues:
    • Google out-of-bandwidth tiles no longer give graphical weirdness
    • More TCP support means less empty tiles
    • Some DNS issues solved

Version 2.1

  • Added Google images
  • Reversed A & B button

Version 2


  • Removed Google images (captcha problem)
  • Added OpenStreetMap images
  • Way faster downloading of tiles
  • disappearing cursor problem fixed (since latest libogc was used)
  • Cool new icon (thanks Wilsoff)
  • Other cool stuff


Is this even legal? The current way it downloads from Live Maps is kind of shady, but the rest is legit.

The program hangs / gives an exception / fails to load any data Yeah it does that, please reset your Wii and try again.

Can this hurt my Wii? Yes, though it isn't designed to do that. Please be careful with this and other homebrew.

The Google imagery doesn't work, I keep getting this weird graphic. There is a limit to how many tiles can be downloaded, after about 1000 tiles it stops working. It resets everyday so try again tomorrow.

Can I use the source for... Yes you can! Check the license for more details.

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