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WiiBrew SD App
TypePC utility
Versionv 1.4b


!Update!:Version 1.4b Starts up HomeBrew Manager after splash. And this application is very customizable if you know what you're doing.

What is it?

I made this nice package for SD Cards that has a little WiiBrew Style Splash Screen. So everytime you insert SD Card into PC, you'll get this window. Wiibrewsdaut.jpg

Then, when you click Open WiiBrew SD, this comes up. Wiibrewsdautspl.jpg

A splash screen opens with the wiibrew channel picture (by Soully) and opens the SD card in the background. The Splash Screen stays up for 3 seconds. After the splash screen, HomeBrew Manager comes up. This application adds flavor for an SD card dedicated to WiiBrew, It's not really needed but it looks nice!

What's Needed

Windows ME/XP/Vista SD Card (Maybe one dedicated to WiiBrew)


  1. Download the Zip File
  2. Extract All Files to root of SD Card
(If you can see files a little translucent or cant see them at all, skip to step 7
  1. Select all of the extracted files
  2. Right Click them.
  3. Select Properties
  4. Make Sure Hidden [√] has a check. And press OK
  5. Remove the SD card.
  6. Reinsert SD card.
Then the window will pop up!


Also, included in this package is a file named wiiicon. This is loaded with Wii icons in different colors like the white one you saw in this example. There is White Black Green Red and Silver, you can copy that to the root of SD card and rename it Wii. Then make that file hidden.

More Info

This app was made by Rapfnny, Homebrew Manager Made By: Reppa, Splash Pic made by: Soully.