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Homebrew Browser PC
TypePC utility
Version1.1 Beta
Loads files from the Front SD slot


Hi, Firstly i would like to point out that Homebrew Browser PC has NOTHING to do with teknecal's Homebrew Browser. While my idea is based on teknecal's I coded this app myself and am in no way conected with the origonal Homebrew Browser. Now thats out the way I would like to say that this app is in its early stages and there is much more to do befor it is completed. However I feel it is ready for its first public release.

Current Features

- Lists all homebrew currently avalible on wibrews database with descriptions
- Allows for editing of meta.xml files
- Allows icons to be changed

Features Yet To Be Added

- Whats new (lists the most recent 5 updates)
- Latest News
- Better meta.xml editing
- New and improved GUI (Graphical User Interface)

How To Use

1) Start by running the EXE, This will take up to 5 min to load, and you must be connected to the internet.
2) If you wish to view more data on an app simply double click it from the list to see more details. (apps can be selected by catagory by clicking the appropiate button)
3) read he info and click the download button.
4) ither the download will start automatically (if the file is hosted on wiibrew) otherwise a browser will be launched ant will take you to the file host where you can download the app.
5) If you wish to eddit apps on your SD card click "Modify Apps Folder", if prompted select the location of your apps folder and a new screen will load.
6) on this screen select the app you wish to edit and start editing.


Not yet avalible coming soon

Known Errors

Some links are displayed in HTML still. This will be fixed in the next release.
Long descriptions for apps are not allways accurate or may miss information. This may be fixed in the next release dipending on the exact cause of the error.

Newlife 23:24, 10 August 2010 (UTC)