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Awesome, This will be very helpful for coders who don't understand how to use the usb keyboard interface.


I took a minute to read your source. I am not saying that it is bad, but it is very short and shallow.

I feel that this library need more uhmf, more power. For one thing, it plain won't work with national keyboards that has funky characters like Ö and ü. It also lacks a clear way of programicaly checking if a specific key is up or down, like for a game or something. But that is not the only way to work with input, it also needs to support callbacks to let the application know if something changes without polling all the time. And for typing text, like keyboards are often used for, it needs an event queue, you can't miss a single hit there. It also would be neat to be able to flash the 3 keyboard leds.

To repeat in a different format:

  • National keyboard mappings
  • State maintaince
  • Event queue
  • Callbacks
  • Led flashing

Hoping to help you realize what kinds of features keyboard programing really has. --henke37 01:27, 30 July 2008 (CEST)

As with most of my code (as you know) it does the job it says on the tin, to my spec, and maybe more (wii web server ?), if you want more power use libwiikeyboard by davyg2 :-) Cboomf 20:27, 5 August 2008 (CEST)