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servii turns your Wii into a server. Available in Vanilla and Chocolate.


Feature Vanilla Chocolate
Base Custom Custom whiite
Library base libogc/libwiigui EGLIBC
HTTP server Based on wiihttpd Unknown, custom/lighttpd?
FTP server Based on ftpii vsftpd
Scripting None right now PHP, CGI
SFTP server None OpenSSH
SSH server None OpenSSH
Security Basic Advanced
Includes GUI? Yes No
Open source Yes Yes


  • Vanilla: Not far into it, finishing Chocolate first.
  • Chocolate: Custom kernel created. It removes a lot of debugging fluff, frees up some extra memory over regular MIKEp5 kernel and adds Netfilter/iptables, at the expense of features. It's possible to lower this more (I'm at 1990379 bytes now) but I think I ran into a bug that wouldn't cause the framebuffer to work. It seems to be address issues most likely but I don't exactly know, and I will not be a kernel hacker any time soon.Paused for now, I'm going to try to get Vanilla up and running.


Actual site later. :)