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About Me

No information given.

No, really.

No information from me is given. Why? Just because I don't want to.

I don't really have anything to say much about me.

I write a blog. Yeah. I might put a link here. Maybe later. Unless you already know. Maybe not.

No, I'm not going to put where I live. No, I'm not going to put how old I am.

I could link you to my Google profile, but I won't do that either.

Yeah, I'm not giving you a lot of information.

I do, however, have a site. And I will link you to that. It's the ThinkAlikers site.

About Coding

Yeah, I can code in GlovePIE, which is very simple. Like, super simple compared to C++.

I'm trying to learn C++ (and then I can code apps) but time constraints (and for some reason, my brain just won't learn) are letting me NOT learn C++. It would be very nice if I could learn C++. Maybe over the summer. Next summer, of course.

Well, it turns out I don't code in C++. I code in C. Only if you count learning C, which, of course, provides programming assignments.

KOAlAs is just a thing that me and my friends made up. It's a language, but not a programming language. But the proper term is "coding" in that language. (Example: Try to decode that. (Here's a hint: KOAlAs is

Stop Motion

I think stop motions are cool.

In fact, I think they're great!

I've made three or four, but only one is on Youtube.

Here it is! (Watch the one in HQ. It's way better.)

I might upload another one, but I might not. I did. Look for it under the "More From:"


Well, I thought of one.

What if someone ported Skype to the Wii? Then, find a way to mount a webcam via USB.

Then, you wouldn't have to use the Wii Speak Channel, which, honestly, isn't very good.

Actually, porting Skype to the Wii with webcam support might not be that hard.

Oh, and I thought of another.

I am currently looking into porting RFK to the Wii. But...there's the coding problem.

Oh! I just came up with another one!

Porting RSS feeds via a reader!

Ok. I'm done now.


A sort of "Bannerbomb helper". If I ever get around to that, you can see what I'm talking about.

User Talk

Want to send me a message? Or not?

Go to my user talk and post something.

Hint: My user talk is here.