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AchievTendo (title pending) is an Utility which checks various game saves for ceratin statistics and sends those to a online database. If a certain task was fulified, it is saved on the site as Achievment.

How it (will) work

1. The network is being initialized.

2. A file from the server gets downloaded to check if the newest version is running. Else, the user has to download the newest one.

3. A game can be chosen from a list.

3a. If the game chosen does not exist, a error appears and you get thrown back to the game menu.

4. Read the whole savegame into an array.

5. Check certain array elements for values. If they match, set a variable for this Achievment to true.

6. After all achievments were checked, a PHP file gets downloaded from the server, passing the Achievments by a GET variable. Since PHP is parsed before downloading, the Achievments will be sent into the database.

Progress for 0.1a

Decrypting a savegame for a test run... DONE with BIT.TRIP RUNNER (PAL) !

Think of a sample achievment... DONE !

Learn how to read Binary Data from ISFS... DONE - thanks giantpune !

Set up sample server...

Achievment List


Picture Name Value Description
Archievtendo bittriprunner001.png A Good Start 10 points Get two ! on level 1-1.