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Hardware Configuration

Purchased 21/12/2008
Disk Drive D2E (Epoxy?)
Sensor Bar Official
Power Supply Official; 220V
Video Out Official; Composite
Input Devices WiiMote2.svg Nunchuck alternative.svg

System Software

Firmware 4.0E Official
Hostname RIKI_WU
Available Space 1439 Blocks
Video Settings +3 16:9 480i 60Hz Screensaver On
Audio Settings Surround
Lock Settings None
IR Settings Under TV 4
Internet Settings Wi-Fi; Alice-3900; WEP=fpmcbvab5iptc; DHCP; Auto-DNS; No Proxy; MTU=0 Wi-Fi; Speedtouch967AF; Unlocked; DHCP; Auto-DNS; No Proxy; MTU=0 None License Accepted
WiiConnect24 Enabled On Standby Medium light
Language English
Country Italy


Wii Sports
Animal Crossing
Wii Play
More coming soon...
WAD (Wii Shop)
Everybody Votes
Internet Channel
Mii Contests
Nintendo Channel
WAD (Homebrew)
Nothing, until someone finds a way to install HBC on 4.0
See above