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Due to a lack of interest, originality and sheer can-do attitude, this project is more or less dead. If you feel like reviving it, please go ahead.

Trivial Pursuit
TypeBoard game

We are now ready to take question submissions! Please read more first, then visit here to go to our question-submit form! No spamming, please, or we will ask to have your IP blocked from the Wiki.

Trivial Pursuit is a board game in which progress is determined by a player's ability to answer general knowledge and popular culture questions. -Wikipedia

For anyone looking to contribute something big to the homebrew community, this is probably close enough!

We are busy writing code for the game's infrastructure and core. The big thing that needs doing are graphics, but I have decided to brave that myself (any help still appreciated!). Here's a brief design specification and todo list:

Design Specification:


  • Allow up to 4 teams
  • Require only 1 wiimote
  • Feature pleasing graphics (they do not have to be particularly animated - static images of things like cards will do fine)
  • Be as similar to the original board game as possible
  • Trivia questions made up by other homebrewer
  • Intuative interface. This is VITAL! This game will be designed for playing with guests and friends, so you must be able to pick it up immediately. Wii IR and Motion support will probably be kept scarce.


  • Music and sound
  • Extensive graphics. Again, not nesacarily animated, but at least a realistic looking board around which players can move
  • Ability to download new "question cards" over the internet
  • Online updates
  • State saving
  • Questions based on video clips, music snippets and pictures


  • It must be fun! In-game instructions must be colloquially written and friendly
  • Plagarism could be a real danger in the writing of questions. I'm not even convinced that it's a good idea to call it "Trivial Pursuit" but perhaps someone of a more legal capacity may be able to advise upon this


This project is particularly nice in that there is something everyone can contribute: devs will primarily work on code, there's sound and graphics, logos, and for those not technically minded in any of those areas, you can contribute trivia questions! (we will need about 500).


  • Core gameplay programming. This shouldn't take too long. (being done by [User:Pinecone|Pinecone])
  • Graphical programming (being done by [User:Pinecone|Pinecone])
  • Menus (being done by - you guessed it - [User:Pinecone|Pinecone])
  • Question handling (being done by [User:Muzer|Muzer])
  • Online stuff (see NICETIES in the design spec.) (help wanted)


  • Graphics (being done by [User:Pinecone|Pinecone] but contributions always appreciated)
  • Sound (would be nice. Help wanted)


  • Submit your Trivia questions using the online form here


Click here to see the Wikipedia article

Google Code

Submit any submissions to the Google Code source repository: located here

Also, any development-related articles will be posted at the Google Code wiki, not here. Non-technical guys will find the info they need here.

How to contribute:

  • 1. Read Design Specification
  • 2. Read TODO list
  • 3. Decide how you want to help
  • 4. Find out if anyone's doing something related to what you're doing
  • 5. Contact that person
  • 6. Write and submit your code/graphic/sound

If you want to submit a question, Click here to go to our question-submit form!

Any ideas? Please post them on the discussion page, but don't expect any miracles.


Hurray for Muzer, our fist contributor!

The following have submitted questions:

  • Muzer
  • Slashy

What we really need now is a graphics programmer I've decided to brave the graphics myself, but help would be greatly appreciated!

Send Muzer or me a message if you fancy making a contribution. (I have a large server with unlimited bandwidth and space that I am paying a lot of money for, which contributors are welcome to use!).