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TypeArcade game
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This is a port of Rampart, a popular castle defense game that made it's way to pretty much every console. The Wii did not have it's own version as of yet, so I'm making one!

Rampart is, essentially, a castle defense game where you go through three stages of gameplay. The pre-stage at the beginning of a game requires you to select a castle as your home castle, to which you will get walls built around it to own territory for the next stage. Then you skip to Stage 2 (as that was the stage 1 for the start of the game), building cannons. You gain 3 cannons to start and can only build them on your owned territory. Stage 3 spawns ships in the water whom you must destroy or last for 30 seconds, to which you will head to Stage 1, repairing holes in walls to re-gain territory and to gain new castles for construction bonuses and more cannons to build for Stage 2. The cycle repeats until you have lasted a fixed number of rounds or you capture all 5 castles.

Rampart on Wii will also support a two-player mode. In two player, the map is set so that there are two 'islands' where the players have their own sets of castles. The gameplay plays the same as single player, except they must destroy each others' walls and can destroy the cannons of their opponents (unlike SP, where cannons cannot be destroyed). A winner is declared when either a player does not have a castle after build period, or a player captures all castles on their side. There will be special blocks the player can build around to gain bonuses.


Rampart uses libwiisprite and Sndlib. The game supports use of nunchuck and classic controller for movement, if you prefer to play it more classic-ly.


(late 2009/2010) Jan 1: Happy New Years everybody. I resumed production. Still need some testers, but the game is going smoothly.

(2008) Feb 26: Created a menu system and a text class based on tiledlayer into a modified Libwiisprite. It supports every known text style to man, and is almost as flexible as TTF (minus the whole.. bitmap part) Added download and source links, updated regularly, not ready for release but you can throw in the dol every revision and see what you end up with ;)

Feb 21: Major redesign in progress again. Map format has been started, so that will take a good chunk of time to complete.

Feb 15: Readme is finished. A copy will be in-game under the Help menu. See it below.

Feb 14: Music system is finished. Battle, building and main menu music is complete. Have to use a queue system though.. The game loops fine now, only thing missing is victory conditions (# of rounds survived, castles captured, all ships destroyed, etc). Ships AI need to be done, cannon ball needs to be smaller and finished up a bit. It's playable at this point, but there's nothing to play for or against. :p

Feb 10: Main menu graphics are finished. The game has just went a complete redesign to a class-based form and is now being filled in.

Feb 09: Rotating blocks are completely finished. As of now the Wiimote has to be angled in the direction you want to place the block (the outline correctly shows how it will be placed). If anyone has more creative angle solutions let me know. Started making it a bit more managed; you can now pick a castle and it'll build walls around it. I have yet to figure out how to do some of the neat effects like walls that you visually see building bit by bit around the home castle due to the way I wrote my wall building system.. The next part is figuring out how to make castles "owned", as to check territory I do a recursive check through all grass/water, and any tiles not marked are assumed to be territory.

Feb 08: It's been in development for a week or so now. A working menu has been created and the basis of the in-game gameplay is ready. You're able to build territory marked as black with differently shaped walls (all same shapes as Rampart). A particle system has been developed for explosions and the like.


Programming - Paril

Design Aid, graphical work, support - Chris (of Bananatech)

Graphical work - Tim

Graphical work - Hayes

Letting me borrow his Wiimote - Dustin

Music, Testing - jsmaster


1: Overview

Welcome to WiiPart!

WiiPart is a port of the classic castle defense game, Rampart. It is heavily based on the NES version, however there is a SNES gameplay mode available!

Press right dpad to go to next page and left dpad to go to previous page. When you're done, hit B.

2: Menu

The main menu of Wiipart is simple to navigate. Aim your Wiimote at the screen and select the button you wish to go to, and hit A or B.

There's a few easter eggs in the menu, be sure to click around and examine the background! Though buttons may not be listed as used, they might be used for "something" ;)

3: Normal

Normal gameplay, or 'Single' on the menu, is remminiscent of the NES version of Rampart. The first part requires you to select a home castle with the A button. Then, you must place three cannons with your A button, again.

Ships spawn at the start of every game phase, so if you didn't destroy all the ships you're going to have trouble!

Each cannon you have has five shots in reserve. After those five shots you will be forced to end the round, and go into rebuild mode. You also only have 30 seconds to finish the round.

In Rebuild mode, you use A to place random wall shapes provided to fill holes in walls and capture more castles. You gain two cannons for owning your home castle, plus one cannon for each additional castle you have captured. You only have 30 seconds to build; after that, you have 4 extra seconds to place the current piece, if any, you have in your cursor. Then the round ends. If all castles are captured, or you last for a fixed number of rounds. you are declared the winner.

4: Super

Super gameplay is, as you may of guessed, gameplay based off the Super Nintendo version.

The main differences here are the way levels are progressed. On easier levels, you have easier pieces to place, while on harder levels you will have more shaped pieces to use.

Cannons in this mode only spawn once, at the start of the first game match. When all ships are destroyed, or all castles are captured, you are declared the winner.

5: Two-Player

Two player gameplay is based on the SNES two-player mode.

It is very similar to the above gameplays, with the difference that there are no ships. Two players are fighting for control over two separate lands. A player is declared the winner when he captures all of his castles.

There will also be special flashing points on the map. Capture these as territory for extra points!

The biggest difference here is that cannons can be destroyed! The Options menu contains the number of hits you must receive for a cannon to blow up.

6: Scoring

Scoring in WiiPart is very basic. First off is the Castle Bonus. You gain 700 points every round your home castle survives, plus an extra 200 points per every castle captured.

Second is the Construction Bonus. You gain 2 points for every piece of new territory you acquire during rebuild mode, and the points are doubled if you captured a castle inside the territory.

Third is the Destruction Bonus. This is the only part that varies in two player mode.

In Single and Super, you gain 100 points * number of ships sunk this round. In Two Player mode, you gain 15 points for every enemy wall you destroy, and 60 points for every cannon you destroy.

The winning player also gets an extra 1000 points for, you guessed it, winning!


I have a lot of development questions for Libwiisprite and the like, I will post them in the Discussion section, anyone who has answers I would be grateful if you answered 'em :)