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  • Sigh* I really love home brew, and I'm very thankful for it, but the whole thing is giving me a hart time lately. Several of my favorite HB games have errors that eventually render them unplayable, and some applications end up causing huge issues for my overall experiences on the Wii. I have not updated my Wii firmware using the direct method since before Nintendo implemented home brew killing elements into their system updates, so that isn't what's causing any of my problems. I'm always sure to keep things up to date (with home brew apps, I mean), but that's sometimes a bad thing, because new versions often mean unidentified bugs and errors that only further make things difficult to deal with. I've got Wii points stored up on the shop channel (I had been waiting for something to come out), but when I used one of the specific, home brew methods for updating the shop channel (it stopped working because Nintendo pressed an automatic death switch of some kind, and requires updating to become functional again) directly, it ceased to function all together, and this has yet to be resolved. Now even the Home Brew channel won't turn on without going straight to a black, frozen screen. I've tried reinstalling both, but nothing seems to be working. Madness... sheer madness. - MW42, July 21st, 2009.