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France.png This user lives in France.

C This user codes in C.
Linux thumb.png This user develops using Linux.
DSi Icon.jpg This user owns 1 Nintendo DSi.
This user used the Twilight Hack to install homebrew.
MPlayer CE This user uses MPlayer CE to play media on their Wii.
3 Wii Remotes This user owns 3 Wii Remotes.
Nunchuck alternative.svg This user owns 2 Nunchuks.
GameCube Controller This user owns 2 GameCube Controllers.
SD Card This user owns a 2gb SD card.
SDGecko.svg This user owns a SDGecko.
Wii This user is running System Menu 8.3 lol on their Wii.

Oh hi ! I'm learning SDL and C and I hope to develop something interesting for some Nintendo hardware someday.