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Quick profile
Current role:Programmer
HBrew Fan level:MAX


Has an education of Computer Science with Games Development. Has C++ and OpenGL and shader knowledge, has programmed for GP32, GP2X.


Looking for more information about shader-like effects on the Wii, and is making many demos... but no games! (Sad no?) XD

Favourite Homebrew

The Homebrew Channel!

Current Research

Im trying to find out all the information on the Flipper system for both the Gamecube and the Wii. This is very hard to do because there is not a lot of information out on the web. I am also not sure on what I can post on this website on information. This is so I do not break the rules of WiiBrew. Reading the rules still, sadly, does not help me to understand what is allowed to be placed on the site. For example, links to patents relative to the Wii. Is this okay or not? Any help on the Flipper system or rules here would be grateful!