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TypePuzzle game
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Hello there! My nickname's JigPu, and I'm the developer behind Localhost Labs.

I've been writing software for a number of years and recently received my bachelor's in CIS from the University of Oregon. I primarily write in Java but can throw code together in a half-dozen other languages if need be. I also enjoy poking around at hardware, but am not nearly as skilled as many of the hackers we have here.

I am also a bit of a photography nerd and enjoy taking both macros and nature shots. You can browse my Flickr photostream if you'd like.

Homebrew Ideas

This is just a place to hold my ideas for homebrew applications I'd like to see. These might eventually be programmed by myself, but feel free to take them on yourself if you'd like. I'll even add a link to your project page in the "status" column if you let me know :)

Name Category Description Status
Wiimote Locator Utility Play a sound through the Wiimote speakers to make locating missing 'motes easier. Probably not possible since I know of no way to "wake up" a sleeping Wiimote :( Idea
Tower Defense Strategy Game Stop the hordes of enemies trying to make their way across the screen! Build mazes of towers to destroy enemies, upgrading as you earn points. Idea
Wirehang 2D Scroller Try to get as high as possible by grappling onto platforms with your character's hookshot. Bonus points for "near death" recoveries. Idea