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Development Ceased. Reason: Working on a different program and too busy to work on this

HBC List

HBC List is a homebrew manager written in python and uses wx for the GUI. It can be run on your SD card or from the computer.

It can edit meta.xml files and upload images to the directory. It also allows you to browse for ELF and DOL files, which the program automatically copies to the directory. I will also try to make a feature that imports directly from a .zip file Also available will be a list of applications that can be run; utilities like WiiLoad or USBgecko files, and can use relative path names, using the os module to join them together.

For developers who want portability with their project, some useful utilities are available at


GUI Done, now doing core programming. A good ElementTree tutorial would be nice though.

This project is on a temporary halt, due to some other stuff I need to do. (If you really need to know, I got my own continuum server, and am setting that up.)