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I'll leave this as a continuing thing, like factory 3.

I’m currently reverse engineering the HackMii Installer. No, it didn’t work in Dolphin.

For a while, I assumed f0f corrupted the section header or something to make it not work with objdump. Nope, I'm just an idiot and used the Mac objdump instead of the devkitPPC one. Just ran a strings, and no IOS device paths exist. That's probably the "obfuscation" they did. (if anyone who contributed to the installer is currently reading this, you're probably laughing very hard because the obfuscation goes much deeper than that)

After some testing, it seems like the installer itself is doing stuff in Dolphin to detect emulation, not the ELF header. I probably didn't get any logs because Dolphin doesn't bother starting up IOS for this. - EDIT: just checked, IOS isn't loading for some reason. Seems like the installer is tricking Dolphin into thinking it's a GC ELF.

Got past that layer of obfuscation, now IOS isn't turning on, that's probably because I'm freezing the emulator on the popup screen though.