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Author(s)Jacob "HACKhalo2" Litewski
TypeMedia player
Versiondevelopment is the Wii port of the music service. It uses the XML Streaming Playlist Format (also known as XSPF or Spiff) to stream music, and eXpat to parse the XML files gathered from the API.

Project Status

Currently, I'm working on compiling the libraries needed to code the engine. These libraries are:
eXpat 2.0.1 (Already ported)
URIparser 0.7.5 (currently fixing compiling warnings)
CPPtest 1.1.1 (Dependency of URIparser)
libxspf 1.2.0 (Dependent on eXpat and URIparser)

After I compile all the needed libraries, I need to create a new library to wrap the API into. There are C and C++ libraries out there, but they are dependent on near-impossible-to-port libraries. Since I want to be as lightweight as possible, porting over anything else than needed core libraries is out of the question. The working title for this library is liblfm, and is subject to change.

Planned Features

These are the features that I currently plan on implementing down the line as development gets underway. This list is still growing, and will hopefully continue to grow after is officially released.


XSPF streams
XML Album parsing
Core playback functions account access
Core controller support




Tagging and Tagcloud
Friends and Neighbors
Scrobbling (Submissions Protocol)


We could all use a little help every once in a while. If you want to contribute to, please send me an email at hackhalotwo AT gmail DOT com


Currently, I haven't decided on a license.