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Dude is a member of the Sonic community best known for his work in Shadow Adventure and "Sonic Adventure RDX". Seemingly disappeared off the face of the earth (read: internet) before the hack was completed. Described as the "3d artist, memory hotfixer, [and] texture guy" of the X-hax hacking team. In November 2008, Dude returned to the community looking to revive X-Hax, and started a new Sonic Adventure DX project called Sonic Adventure RDX, which includes level layouts edits and texture edits. Sonic RDX has appeared in 2 different Hacking Contests so far and won several trophies. Dude is responsible for several hacking tools and advances in the SADX scene, a few antiquated rippers based off of SANiK's source code, and more recently, several MAXScript tools for working with Sonic Adventure.

Dude is most certainly a member of the Gothic community, as a fashion designer he can frequently be found hiding behind is sewing machine creating yet another creepy-looking jacket with studs and rivets on it. Being obsessed with all things Sonic Advenutre, Dude can commonly be found in #x-hax on badnikNET.