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Hello Page Viewing Person!

My name is Demetrius Geek, I am a geek as you might have guessed and I know some coding.

Currently I am learning how C++, bash and C for different reasons but the important one is C because I am learning that for programming on the Wii!

I am running 10.04 LTS Ubuntu on my main computer which is a second-hand Dell Optiplex GX260, I also have a faster computer that has 3 GB of ram and a 512(?) PCI-e video card which is more finicky so I use it less.

Hope to learn more, maybe one day get an app on the list!


Name Description Creation
Mariop3Player Edited example project "mp3player" with different sound and text 04/08/2011
MaryHadALittleLamb D-pad has four notes on it, I wonder which song has those 4 notes? Screen shows notes as played. 04/08/2011