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Hi there!

I'm DebugYoshi! I work primarily in Dolphin, even though I plan to homebrew my physical Wii in the future. My fav Wii games are New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Mario Kart Wii! I have played way too much shovelware to be named...

Contact Me

You can contact me (if neccessary for any reason) at I'm also on Reddit and Discord under the same username, if you wish to find me there. And, of course, the discussion tab works too.

About Me

The userboxes give a nice explantion, but I've owned my Wii for about a year. I (quite noticeably) enjoy Guitar Hero a lot. I currently have around 20 Wii games and have played more than 40. I also own an NES, a SNES, a N64, and a Playstation Classic.