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Galaxy Stations
TypeGame engine
VersionWork In Progress
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Please take a look at the official Galaxy Stations website, which cannot be found here (It just returns a 404 error)

Galaxy Stations is the codename of a game I'm currently working on. It will be made with libwiisprite to completely use GX for 2D graphics. It will be a co-op sidescroller, to be more precise.

About Galaxy Stations

This is a project I've been planning for a long time now. It is still in concept stage, but with libwiisprite it could be done pretty fast. In fact, I would even go so far to say libwiisprite was made because of this game.

The concept and todo list are available here:

To quickly get information or to drop some suggestions, you can always visit the IRC channel #galaxystations on EFnet.

How To Contribute

If you seriously would like to help in this project, please consider this

  • Be a Metroid freak. This may be a hint in which direction this game is going. If you've never played Metroid but have a good game developing background, feel free to apply.
  • Have some experience in writing C++ code. C coders may also get a chance in later when the framework is ready.
  • Experience with one or more of these things:
    • Game engine programming.
    • Game logic.
    • Network programming.
    • Game script programming. (preferably on how to implement Lua, but this is subject to change)
    • Graphics programming.


  • If you want to make any internal tools to simplify game development, make sure you contact me too. They can be written in any language and don't need much polish, so feel free to apply.

If you feel that you're capable of being a valuable member in this project, please contact me at Chaosteil [at] gmail [dot] com with what you're able to do. Think of it as an application. I'll get in touch with you and then we will see if you can join. If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask them on the Talk page. We also have an IRC channel: #galaxystations on EFnet.

Please notice, that there is not really much done. A complete development team needs to be established, a nice repository needs to be configured, and lots of stuff requires research & development. All this needs to be planned and figured out to have a quirk-free development time.


If you would like to contribute graphics, sound (music), would like to make our website, or think you could contribute in any other way, feel free to contact me, too. Work needs to be done on every front imaginable.

Testers are currently not required. I will make a notice once we need testers.

Current Status

There is currently not much done. There is:

  • A prototype of a concept, which is available on this wiki
  • A not fully established dev team:
    • A bunch of experienced coders
    • A few graphic artists
  • Webspace, SVN repo

We're currently still growing, and maybe you will be the next one to join the team! Every little bit helps here, as we're trying to have a fully polished game for every homebrewer to enjoy.


This project should be a high quality game once done. The wiibrew scene currently needs a game to show off the power of the scene, so why not this one?

Keep in mind, that it is also planned during the development of this game to further enhance libwiisprite to make it even better.