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Doesn't this infobox need a "dangerous" banner? Muzer 23:53, 4 July 2009 (UTC)

Wait, maybe not. Don't mind me. Muzer 23:54, 4 July 2009 (UTC)

Image at the top

There seems to be a problem somewhere. The following error is displayed on the top of the page:

Error creating thumbnail: convert: Must specify image size `/tmp/magick-XXrjXm8z' @ coders/mvg.c/ReadMVGImage/186.
convert: missing an image filename `PNG:/var/www/wiki/w/images/thumb/4/4c/Template-info.svg/50px-Template-info.svg.png' @ wand/convert.c/ConvertImageCommand/2710.

--PunMaster 18:32, 6 July 2009 (UTC)

It's not just this page, it's all the /doc pages -Crayon 18:45, 6 July 2009 (UTC)
I've got the same problem. Its not the Docpage, its something wrong in the Wiki I think. Blooper is the Wiki guy, maybe he knows it? GabberNL 15:03, 8 July 2009 (UTC)


I don't think it's needed since most the apps in the hbb are up to date. If not, just ask for new version to be in hbb. (Talk:Homebrew Browser#Wanted Apps) -Crayon 00:02, 13 July 2009 (UTC)

Yeah, I guess so, I just though that it might be a good warning... --Mjbauer95 00:53, 13 July 2009 (UTC)
I don't think it's really necessary. It's just yet another thing to maintain with minimal benefits. — Blooper (Talk) 03:03, 13 July 2009 (UTC)


Just an idea: would it be worth showing which language(s) the apps are in (like English/Spanish, not C/C++ obviously)? Chris 22:02, 28 September 2009 (UTC)

Well, I've put it in now. Improve or revert as necessary. Chris 22:30, 2 March 2010 (UTC)


How about some way to differentiate between a required peripheral and an optional/supported one? --Yossi 07:46, 15 October 2009 (UTC)


Can this be made to detect if there is more that one author in a list, and only show the s accordingly? --Yossi 07:46, 15 October 2009 (UTC)

annoying (a bit)

there is something going on with this box that causes an entry to appear on the wanted page every time someone links to something not in the wiki. Either not intended as a link (e.g. included) or a link to outside the wiki (e.g. Http://bootmii.org/download/). --Yossi 19:17, 27 October 2009 (UTC)

It is because of "#ifexist". LoganA (talkcontribs) 21:25, 31 October 2009 (UTC)


Option to add different links besides: website, download, and source. Gamewizard71 02:05, 25 April 2010 (UTC)

Also, Website looks kind of silly between Download and Source. I'd be inclined to put it before Download, but after Source would also be an improvement. — SamB 21:19, 7 June 2012 (CEST)