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Hi this version doesnt work with me, i use 0.01 beta, works 100% :) Shame there isn't a way of streaming audio & video files through something like this, I've tried other means on opera streamed from my pc with ORB, and that but they're bad quality.

0.02 for windows don't work :| you have right.

0.0.2 for windows is working fine on my computer. Thanks for this great tool wplaat 23-10-2008 22:38

0.0.3 works great on windows xp SP3 now, many thanx, i still actualy like tcpload beta1 best, just tis a little bit slower at starting, thanx though djdynamtie123 03.11.08

Vista Problems

OK, first of all I find this app. very handy, so thanks for the time spent developing it.

After version 0.5 was released I was very happy as a lot of bugs had been fixed and streaming to the Wii seemed much better. I got the occasional errors due to my Wii's signal, but overall it was working great. (This was all on XP).

Unfortunately, after 4 years of abuse my Windows XP laptop died. I got a new one last weekend but it came with Vista :( Anyway, WiiTCPLoad v0.5. only works about 5% of the time. It speeds up to 5% then throw and Unknown Error Msg box at me. It does not look like it's even connected to the Homebrew Channel as it never shows a percent box (on the Wii).

If you need more info. then let me know and I'll provide you with my specs.

Thanks :) --Scanff 05:44, 27 May 2009 (UTC)


This isn't stable at all when sending dol.

While with wiiload it works likely every time i try, with wiitcploagui i have to try like 10 times to send successfully a file. Every time there is another error like "unknown error", "timeout" etc--Attila 19:08, 8 June 2009 (UTC) —Preceding undated comment added 18:01, 8 June 2009 (UTC).