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Bugs, Change Requests and Comments

Please enter new topics on top! Wplaat


Amazing. A very clean and well done game. Keep it up! --Jedicommando 19:36, 20 October 2008 (UTC).

Thanks, I have uploaded a new version with new features. See release notes! --wplaat


I like your taste of chillout style music :) that swings the app for me, i still love this game, surely everyone does :) djdynamite123.

Thanks --wplaat
wplaat - I'm not too fond of the game, but the music brings a lot of memories. I think you should add credits for the music (if that's not done already). Most of those modules (probably all) are ripped from Amiga demos and I don't see any mention of this anywhere. --Spec 18:40, 4 February 2009 (UTC)
Hi Spec, the music is freeware from See the credit page for this information. --wplaat
page says "All modules are freely downloadable for private use only unless permission for other uses has been granted by the relevant copyright holders." . IMHO what you're doing is not private use. --Spec 17:41, 13 May 2009 (UTC)


The background white box is a bit ermm how can i put it flickery, shaky, puts you off. Still good though, :) many thanx djdynamite123

Hi dynamite, I am using a LCD television. So no flickery on my screen. --wplaat
ahh i see, maybe its because im using a normal ntsc/pal widescreen super flat sanyo t.v. just wondering, as its a bit annoying see, my own fault for using that tele for my wii, great app though, you thinking of adding more features? Also just wondering if you could edit the source, to make the wii restart instead of returning to loader, as i like many like to use channels instead of homebrew or launcher. cheers --djdynamite123
Thanks, i will test the application on a old CRT screen. Maybe i can make a fix to solve the flickery problem. --wplaat
Shame im still having the flickery white border problem :( Is there any way to fix this, or is it just me, ive tried in both my scart AV 1& 2 both the same, Scart AV2 is pal/ntsc compatible, many thanx. --djdynamite123

Exit status

Thank you, that would be great, any chance of another link of the app which restarts wii instead of returning to loader? many thanx

In release v0.7 the goodbye window supports return to Homebrew Channel and restart wii --wplaat
Amazing, thanx for adding the restart wii :) --djdynamite123

Motion sensor control

Would you consider adding support for the accelerometer as a method of control? Not too sure how cleanly this can be implemented, but I think tilting the WiiMote to control the pad could work nicely in a game of Pong? --Steve32 16:37, 2 November 2008 (UTC)

That sounds a good idea, motion sensor for Pong, should be fairly easy, thanx for the good work wplaat, many thanx. --djdynamite123 2 Novemeber 21:00
I have try to implement it. But it did not work very well. Maybe you can have a look and the source code (motion sensor code is available but disabled) and correct what i did wrong. ;-} --wplaat


I think that you should add levels with obstacles....Depending on how you do it, it might or might now work --Jedicommando 00:02, 4 November 2008 (UTC)

Thanks for your comments. I have add obstacles in release v0.8 and higher. I you reach level 2 you see them on the screen. --wplaat

High Score

To do Store high score on the internet portal. that will be good :) djdynamite123

done Wplaat


Pourquoi il y a "Game over" alors que l'on a gagner ? Peux-tu changer ça please ?

Please in english? --wplaat
Can you put "WIN!" and not "Game over" when we have finish the level 5?
Nice idea. I will add this in the next release --wplaat
Feature added in release 0.94 --wplaat, 20 December 2008
Merci beaucoup (Verry Thanks)

Settings and scores

1. Can you add sound settings like RedSquare ? Can you add best score from internet like RedSquare ? Thanks in advance. 2. Hello all, it's me ! ^^ (The french) Can you add a menu with high-score, sound setting and video setting(with image of fond and resolution), mode two players and release note? Thanks ;)

Thanks for your feedback. To build this new features I have to rewrite most of the code. The game is running in text console mode. To support multiple screens I have to change to graphical mode. On this moment I do not have plans to implement this. I must say that in the newest release 0.95, the game results are send to an internet web services. On my website the game results can be checked. wplaat

Internet High Score

Amazing, this feature is amazing.. GOOD WORK!!

Could you provide a little bit more of info? (client wii side is in the source code.. but what about the server side php??)

I'll like to add this feature to the Wiilander,also I think that is so cool, that will be great if you create a library + doc in order to help other people to add this great feature.

Thanks and Keep Doing What Your Doing!!

--Manny2008 00:26, 25 January 2009 (UTC)

Hi Mannay2008, please download the source code of SpaceBubble you will find the network thread code in a seperated file. the API is really easy to understand.--wplaat
Thanks for the feedback!!, I'll try it. Manny2008