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Missing /apps/onscript/games/test/default.ttf when trying the test. --Teknecal 01:54, 7 March 2009 (UTC)

I added this file into the most recent release --Brian 21:32, 10 March 2009 (UTC)

including full games

I think the next release should include some free Visual novels, maybe a few of some different genres.--FUNKAMATIC ~talk 06:08, 11 April 2009 (UTC)

Umineko ??

Hello, I don't know if i'm in right place to talk about that but I fail at using Umineko no naku koro ni on my wii. I don't have any error message displayed, but the game doesn't start at all, why ? This is the informations I put into game.xml:

	<game id="umineko" title="Umineko no naku koro ni">
        <english />
        <root path="/apps/onscripter/games/umineko/[WH] Umineko English" />
        <save path="/apps/onscripter/games/umineko/[WH] Umineko English" />
        <font file="/apps/onscripter/games/umineko/[WH] Umineko English" />

Did I did something wrong ?--Quizzman 14:10, 11 April 2009 (UTC)

It's set up right, but the Umineko translation doesn't work without the full game (or demo), as it's just a patch. Also, ONScripter-Wii doesn't seem to support mutiple arc.nsa files, which translations for retail games use. (like Umineko or Higurashi) -T-Patch 15:19, 11 April 2009 (UTC)

The problem with different nsa.arc files should be able to be solved by changing your root path to the following.

/apps/onscripter/games/umineko/[WH] Umineko English:/apps/onscripter/games/umineko/

This will make onscripter look in each directory listed for arc files. The directory containing the patch should be first as that is the directory that searched for the game script. --Brian 17:30, 11 April 2009 (UTC)

Nop, it doesn't work.--Quizzman 20:26, 12 April 2009 (UTC)

I've uploaded a new version that fixes this issue. Tested it using the translated umineko demo and it works fine. --Brian 13:45, 14 April 2009 (UTC)

Oh yeah ! It's Work ! Firstly, you musn't indicate a folder for the fonts, or the game will not launch (error message). The game is really long to load, and the sound is really crappy (ogg source, it launch and repeat it ad infinitum.). A fix for the sound could be great, but anyway now I can play Umineko on my Wii ! Thanks a lot ! --Quizzman 21:57, 20 April 2009 (UTC)

Tsukihime Music Fail

Tsukihime's Menu Music starts to stutter when you begin the game and pretty much makes it unplayable --Dantarion 04:46, 12 April 2009 (UTC)

Sound formats other then ogg seem to have playback issues which i haven't been able to fix yet. In the newest version i've uploaded you can edit the xml file and add ogg_only to the tsukihime entry whcih will disable all sound except for ogg files. Not perfect but no sound is better then the current broken playback. --Brian 13:49, 14 April 2009 (UTC)

Tsukihime, Narcissu and the Test VN

Both of these games do not boot at all, and the Test VN does not go through the entire thing, quitting well before any backgrounds or pictures that are included in the 'test' directory. I very much look forward to this project reaching full functionality! Please keep up your good work. -Kage Korosu 04:57, 8 July 2009 (UTC)

Hum, that's weird... For me, Narcissu boot very well (just have to convert sounds to 32000Hz), excepts some musics, everything works more or less. However, when I try to compile it myself, I have the exact same problems you got : Narcissu won't boot. [EDIT] Thanks to Brian, the solution was just to use libfat and libogc from the SVN repository. -Julien 19:45, 8 July 2009 (UTC)

Well I tried it again and yes Narcissu works just fine, I suppose I wasn't being patient enough, but I still can't manage to get either the Test VN or Tsukihime as translated by mirror moon to work properly. -Kage Korosu 19:51, 9 July 2009 (UTC)

Ok I've uploaded a copy of the binary that should now work with Tuskihime. For those interested the issue is that the NScripter API specs state that label names in the script can be alpha-numeric but the first character must be a alpha character, however both the japanese and english translation of Tsukhime use label names starting with a numeric. Until somewhat recently ONScripter didn't check to make sure teh name began with a alpha character and so Tsukihime worked fine on previous releases of ONScripter. Also the Test VN is not supposed to show any of the background images since the 00.txt file never tries to load any. Brijohn 01:08, 11 July 2009 (UTC)

Beautiful! Thank you so much! -Kage Korosu 03:28, 12 July 2009 (UTC)


Cool stuff. Thanks for updating!! --FUNKAMATIC ~talk 15:43, 14 July 2009 (UTC)

Help plz??

I've tried to set up ONscripter and I just can't get it to work. I've been trying to run a game called Instant Death! Panda Samurai and I can't get anything to work, so could anyone please post their games.xml and the files required for ANY visual novel? I don't care what novel it is, I just want it to work. -roki263 —Preceding unsigned comment added by Roki263 (talkcontribs) 19:11, 25 July 2009 (UTC) --Roki263 17:48, 27 July 2009 (UTC)roki263

I am having the same problem. Any game I enter in the games.xml file, does appear (it's invisible, but I can still click it), and when I click it, I am greeted with a black screen. I don't know what I am doing wrong. I've tried looking for a tutorial on how to do it, but haven't found one. I don't know if the visual novels I'm using are compatible, but I'll list my games.xml:

<game id="Katawa" title="Katawa Shoujo">
<english />
<root path="/apps/onscripter/games/Katawa Shoujo" />
<save path="/apps/onscripter/games/Katawa Shoujo" />
<font file="/apps/onscripter/games/Katawa Shoujo/common" />

<game id="Saya no Uta" title="Saya no Uta">
<english />
<root path="/apps/onscripter/games/Saya not Uta English:/apps/onscripter/games/Saya not Uta" />
<save path="/apps/omscripter/games/Saya no Uta/SAVE" />
<font file="/apps/onscripter/games/Saya not Uta" />

<game id="Yandere" title="Yandere-chan">
<english />
<root path="/apps/onscripter/games/Yandere-chan" />
<save path="/apps/onscripter/games/Yandere-chan" />
<font file="/apps/onscripter/games/Yandere-chan/common" />

Do Ren'py games play in ONScripter? (That should be the question since Katawa Shoujo and Yandere-chan were made using it. I'm not sure about Saya no Uta) 0yashiro-sama (talk) 14:28, 1 February 2013 (CET)

Help Please?

Hello, I have just installed onscripter on my wii using the Homebrew Browser but I can't get any games to play. I don't have any error message displayed, but the game doesn't start at all. Why is it doing this? Did I do something wrong in the game.xml? I tried playing Alpha Gaiden by using the following game.xml

        <game id="alpha" title="alpha gaiden english">
        <english />
        <root path="/apps/onscripter/games/alpha gaiden english"
        <save path="/apps/onscripter/games/alpha gaiden english"
        <font file="/apps/onscripter/games/alpha gaiden english"

Can anybody help me please? --Jrubio 01:41, 25 October 2009 (UTC)

Well, the format looks ok, except for the path links not having closing brackets. I looked up Alpha Gaiden, and what came up was a PS1 game. Hate to say it, but if your trying to play a PS1 game using ONScripter, It's not gonna work.
Of course, if it's an actual ONScripter game, please elaborate, and I'll see what I can do. T-Patch 09:07, 25 October 2009 (UTC)

To tell you the truth, I'm not sure if this game is an actual ONScripter game. I got the game by visiting the following link: --Jrubio 00:14, 28 October 2009 (UTC)

Yeah, just looked on there, it's definitely a PS1 game (or, if you just downloaded what was linked, a patch for one). It's a somewhat easy mistake to make, if you don't know the way around.
If you do wanna try something that works in ONScripter though, try this:
  • go to your link above, and click "library links" on the sidebar
  • look for "insani" and click it
Alot of the stuff (but not all) of the stuff they translate are ONScripter visual novels. Once you find one you wanna read, and you're sure it's ONScripter, just do this:
  • Download the program (it may be a . torrnet file, so you may need bittorent)
  • Run the installer program, pointing the installer to your SD card's ONScripter folder (It may also put shortcuts on your start menu, get rid of these if you want)
  • Once it's finished, there are 3 important files that you will need. Nscript.dat or 0.txt, arc.nsa, and default.ttf. These should be where you told the installer to put them
  • Point the root and save path to the folder where your Nscript.dat/0.txt and arc.nsa are. Point the font file to the folder where your default.ttf is.
  • You may also need to copy the registry.txt file, which is in the test folder that came with ONScripter Wii to the novel's folder
  • Run ONScripter Wii, and you should see the VN on the list.
hope this helps, Post back if anything goes wrong. T-Patch 01:28, 28 October 2009 (UTC)


Narcissu 2 doesn't work at all. It just stops with a black screen.

Game ID: Narcissu2 Title: Narcissu2 ROM path: apps/onscripter/games/narcissu2 save path:apps/onscripter/games/narcissu2 font path: apps/onscripter/games/narcissu2

do you know what i may be doing wrong? the first Narcissu works perfectly, so I was wondering why this one doesn't.

p.s. I'm running the English version of Narcissu 2, not the Japanese one. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Neireid (talkcontribs) 02:13, 1 April 2010 (UTC)

I'm no expert by any means, but if I had to guess it's because the English translation of Narcissu 2 doesn't use a .TXT file, but instead a UTF file which is incompatible with ONScripter. --ZephyrTheLight 22:57, 2 June 2010 (UTC)

Umineko as well...

I'm using the same exact file path as the person a few posts above me, but for some reason my games aren't showing up at all, Umineko, nor Higurashi. The folders are all in the proper place, any idea what I may be doing wrong?

Here is a screenshot of my folder setup

and as for my games.xml, as I've said I'm using the same code as the person a few posts above me, which is

<game id="umineko" title="Umineko no naku koro ni"> <english /> <root path="/apps/onscripter/games/umineko/[WH] Umineko English:/apps/onscripter/games/umineko" /> <save path="/apps/onscripter/games/umineko/[WH] Umineko English" /> </game>

<game id="higurashi" title="higurashi no naku koro ni"> <english /> <root path="/apps/onscripter/games/higurashi/higurashi English:/apps/onscripter/games/higurashi" /> <save path="/apps/onscripter/games/higurashi/higurashi English" /> </game>

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance. --Rika-chama 21:44, 16 August 2010 (UTC)

Help with Fate/Stay Night?

New to this and wondering if this is playable. this is how my xml looks

<game id="Fate" title="Fate Stay Night">
   <english />
   <root path="/apps/onscripter/games/fate" />
   <save path="/apps/onscripter/games/fate/savedata" />

I cant see it in the games option. thank you in advance --Starwolffan 01:36, 1 April 2012 (CEST)

How To get Fate Stay Night??

I have Fate/Stay Night downloaded on my computer with the english patch on. I was wondering how to get it onto ONScripter because in the "Fate" folder there is no arc.nsa , arc.sar , or nscript.dat / 0.txt. So can someone tell me how to get those files please. --Ilikehax 07:54, 7 July 2012 (CEST)