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One thing that is annoying is when you want to power off your Wii from the HBC you have to hold down the power button or you have to go back to the system menu to power off (which takes forever). If you press power on the wiimote it just turns off the wiimote. In beta 9 maybe you could make an icon to power off the Wii in the HBC menu.

Thanks love HBC mostly what I use my Wii for.

Haven't updated my Wii in a while, was on the 3.4 dashboard and updated the homebrew channel.. Now my cursor pointing down and the control is inverted. I updated the dash to 4.2 and removed and reinstalled using the banner hack, but still the cursor is inverted.. I really haven't installed much so I don't know what could have gone wrong.. I originally installed using the twilight hack and had no problems with the HBC till I updated today.Bagobones 06:08, 28 October 2009 (UTC)