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Great tool, Thank you for this Really useful even it doesn't support all Wii features =/

BIG BUG in the instructions for configuring the Hello World example for Gamecube mode

You guy's wrote some VERY incomplete instructions for fixing the Wii Hello World sample code to run in Gamecube mode. Making the required changes to the Make file Replace the following:

include $(DEVKITPPC)/wii_rules


include $(DEVKITPPC)/gamecube_rules


Replace the following:

LIBS := -lwiiuse -lbte -logc -lm


LIBS := -logc -lm

introduces some MAJOR BUGS into the Hello World sample code itself. You see, some of the commands in the C file itself, DEPEND UPON the use of some of the Wii-only functions that were defined in the Wii libraries, which have now been disabled for Gamecube compiling. The result is that the following lines of C code in the Hello World example no longer work, and in fact PREVENT it from compiling:



u32 pressed = WPAD_ButtonsDown(0);

if ( pressed & WPAD_BUTTON_HOME ) exit(0);

ANY reference to WPAD (Wii gamepad) no longer work. And I don't know the correct Gamecube gamepad equivalents. So whoever wrote this tutorial in the Wiki, PLEASE update it, so that ALL the changes needed to compile the Hello World example program in Gamecube mode, are actually included in the tutorial.