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This data is in no way 100% complete, so far it works but table 1 and 2, but in future this could break with further files tested.
TODO: A lot! Keep adding data, people!

What do you mean when you say "it works"? When you ask people to keep adding data, how do you expect people to do that? I get the feeling you have some program you're working on that uses this data; perhaps you should actually state that and tell us how we can get it if we want to help. -- Bushing 01:23, 27 May 2009 (UTC)

My apologies Bushing, the current code can be found at, at the current point it is just for parsing the file. We have worked out where the byte code is for each method defined in table 1.

Table 1: Defines methods in file, blocks of 8 bytes.

typedef struct {
	u32 offset;
	u16 table4_method; // Points to an id in table 4, index is 0 based
	u8 paramcount; //maybe
	u8 unk1;
} table1_chunk;

Table 2: Imported methods list. Just a string table really, first item is 0 bytes (blank)
Table 3: UTF-16 strings These are the codes literial strings, each string is preceded by a u16 with the following bytecount for the UTF-16 string.
Table 4: Local / Exported method names and variables.

"A lot! Keep adding data, people!" was left by SquidMan, it was basically just a message to me. :P

--Parlane 06:16, 27 May 2009 (UTC)