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Author(s)The Lemon Man
Versionrev 11

Taiko is an opensource NAND Boot Program replacement for Nintendo Wii channels but focused on the use with WiiWare/Virtual console channels. The NAND Boot Program is a little piece of code embedded in each channel and bootstrapped by the system menu when you click the "Start" button on the Wii.


  • Nearly 100% compatibility with any channel
  • Exclusive LZ77 0x10/0x11 decompression code
  • Built-in Video mode patcher
  • Error 002 blocker
  • Ram patching engine

How to use it

You must replace by hand the title boot program either with FSToolbox or some other software, then press reset when you boot the game and the taiko menu will appear. At the moment the configuration saver is broken and wont save the settings for each game, feel free to submit a patch for the issue :D


  • DevkitPPC & libOGC team
  • PuyoPopTools project for LZ77 0x11 decompression routine
  • stev418 for many many tests and for pointing out the reverse order in the compression :D
  • megazig for giving solutions for anything :D
  • #hackerchannel folks for anything else